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The Absent Quilly

As you’ll recall, gentle readers, the Quill has been a little less in evidence on the blogosphere of late, because she’s actively pursuing her dream of becoming a published author. As often as not these days, she and her computer are having a dialogue (it’s polite, most of the time) about words. Or, as the Hawaiians might say, they’re ‘talking story’ …

“So she’s writin’ about time?”

Well, dude, I guess you could say it’s about time she’s writing, but I don’t know what the story’s about.

“But you said it was a talkin’ story!”


“What’s a talkin’ story if it’s not about time? But I guess it ain’t finished yet.”

Well, since she’s only just started …

“Aha! It is about time, then! It’s not done, so that’s how come she’s lost the tic.”

Dude, most people with tics would rather lose them.

“But not if you’re writin’ ’bout grandfather clocks or somethin’. Like maybe a time-travelin’ grandfather clock. Then you’ll have a tic-tok’in story!”

It’s been done, dude. Are you trying to get us thrown out of the house?

Gnarly! Can we go back to Hawai‘i?”

It’s a long swim, dude.

“No, seriously, OC, we can go back there and tell ’em ’bout Quilly’s story. ‘It’ll be da bomb‘, we’ll say.”

Dude, you say that anywhere near an airport and I really will control-X you. Say goodnight, dude.

“Goodnight, dude.”


  1. .
    Good idea, the tic in your book to match the toc. Be sure to watch the tenses of these when you use them as verbs! 🙂

    Another good idea, let Dude Amoeba do some Quilly type stuff. That will ease your pressure. I do hope the best for you (said that before, I meant it then too) and your writing.

    And also I have a BIG ENVY as I should be doing the same. In lieu of that I think I will work on cleaning out my office. It is a mess right now. 🙂

    1. “No, dude, I won’t!

      “Won’t what, dude?”

      “Do any of Quilly’s sellin’ stuff.”

      “As if she’d want you to, dude. She wants her stats to go up!

      “You lie, dude. I’d make a great seller. But I ain’t doin’ it without a sellary.”

      “Fine, dude. I’ll get the peanut butter and spread some on a stalk of celery. Then you’ll have one, and you might even eat it.”



      “Stop stalkin’ me!”

  2. Keep typin’ I’ve been working on the same. Sorry haven’t been here much… was on a trip… will post about it later but have to go to work… came back and it said there was 29 new posts here haha

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