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The Potluck

She: “You may have the car today, I’m not going anywhere. I finished my grocery shopping yesterday … oh, no, I didn’t!

He: “What did you forget?”

She: “And after I’d already gone back to the market once yesterday and told the clerk that I had a bone to pick with her, ’cause she’d let me check out without reminding me to pick up, um …”

He:What did you forget?

She: “She didn’t know either.”

He: “That was yesterday. What did you forget today?

She: “Sunday’s potluck. They want finger food.”

He: “Oh, OK then, you’d better take the car and get to the store. Stalking the neighborhood with a cleaver isn’t the best thing for our reputation.”

She: “I’m going to tell the people at the church that you said that!”


  1. For the first time in my life, due to you, my image of a child with fingers in mouth has been completely transformed! And why? Because I started wondering what your punny monday photo of “finger food” would look like…ha ha ha

    We have a potluck at church tomorrow too. I’m glad I just read this because it reminded me I’d better think about what to prepare.

    1. Kelley — I have asked Amoeba to help me with both Fritoes (free toes) and finger food for PM, but he refuses to cooperate. Perhaps you can talk some sense into him? I even promised him I’d have the car all warmed up and running for the trip to the emergency room!

  2. I’d been to the store twice this week and gave up after that. We did without… until this afternoon. My brain must be on vacation with yours! 😉

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