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Potluck ~ The Non-Fiction Version

Okay, if you’ve read what He Said They Said,
here is what She Says They Really Said:

She: “You may have the car today, I’m not going anywhere. I finished my grocery shopping yester– … Crap!”

He: “What did you forget?”

She: “And after I’d already gone back to the market once yesterday and told Nina that I had a bone to pick with her, ’cause she’d let me check out without reminding me to pick up, um …”

He: “What did you forget?”

She: “She didn’t know either.”

He: “That was yesterday. What did you forget today?”

She: “Sunday’s potluck. They want finger food.”

He: “Finger food!” He crossed his arms and hid his hands. “I’m not going to church on Sunday!”

She:  “What do you mean, you’re not going?  You just spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon with Don and Terry practicing special music.  What do you plan to tell them?”

He: “I don’t think I’ll have to tell Terry anything.  Don can still sing if we’re having finger food, but Terry won’t be able to play the organ and I won’t be able to play my trumpet!”

She: “Honey, the congregation likes your trumpet enough that I don’t think you’ll have to worry about your fingers.”

He: “Oh, OK then, you’d better take the car and get to the store. Stalking the neighborhood with a cleaver isn’t the best thing for our reputation.”

She:  “You realize I am going to share this conversation at church don’t you?”

He:  “Good, maybe it will spoil their appetites and they’ll leave my fingers alone!”


    1. Karen — apparently dudes had the same question! LOL! Their version was written and scheduled to post before we received this comment!

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