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Need sleep.

Been feeling icky since Wednesday night and it just keeps getting worse.

Before Amoeba left for church he told me to stay in bed.  I can’t reach my computer from there, but don’t worry.  I will get back in bed as soon as I hear the garage door open.

Amoeba also poked ibuprophen in me this morning and made me wash it down with ice water even though I have the chills.  I was rolled up tight like a fat little sausage in its casing and Amoeba straightened the blankets and pulled my arms out of the covers.  Meany.

His hands were wonderfully cool and I loved them on my face and neck.  Isn’t that funny since I’m freezing?

I just want to be well.


  1. Awwa,
    poor Quilly.
    I hate that.
    Thing Two is ill here and it’s just no fun for anyone.

    Recover quickly!

  2. Hope you feel better very soon,…Like tomorrow!!!!!
    Something is sure in the air, My husband said that half his office is out sick!
    Your husband sounds like a keeper! 🙂

  3. I’ve had a stuffy nose for over a week! I can deal with that though. I don’t like having chills and aches and pains. Sounds like the flu?

    Hope tomorrow will be better. Rest well.

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Got your Punny Monday Announcement, so I hope that means that rest, TLC and Ibuprofen have restored you to your normal glory.

  5. Get back in bed and rest so you feel better soon! This has been a rough winter with illnesses. Everyone I know has been sick more than once or just can’t shake what they got to begin with. 🙁

  6. Naughty Quilly, up at the computer instead of laying “just so” in bed. (I would be, too, for sanity’s sake).
    Get well soon!!

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