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Blood Pressure Whoas

They sat down to a lovely roast pork dinner She had cooked.

He:  “Mmmmm, Kalua Pig!  I’m afraid I am getting to the age where meals like this are going to have to be a rare occurrence.  Time to start watching my cholesterol and blood pressure.”

She, pausing with her fork half way to her mouth:  “Is this an ‘in general’ thing, or do we have specific cause for concern?”

He: “Last time we checked everything was within normal bounds for a man my age.  I’m just saying we should work at keeping it that way.”

She, relaxing:  “Okay.  And really, we should both be eating more fish and chicken anyway.”

He: “I totally agree.”

She: “But when I feed you only fish and chicken for a week, you complain.”

He:  “I know, but I guess I am just going to have to get used to it.”

She:  “All right.  I guess that leaves what I planned for tomorrow’s meal out.  I wish we’d had this conversation before I shopped.”

He: “Why?  What were you going to fix tomorrow?”

She waved her fork at the roast:  “Look at the size of this thing.  I planned on taking the meat off the bone and making enchiladas.”

He: “Enchiladas?  Did I mention that my cholesterol and blood pressure are within the normal range for a man my age?”

She: “What if the enchiladas tip you over the edge?”

He: “You can serve chicken on Wednesday.”


    1. Tuesday night dinner is 6 p.m. There will be plenty. Pull a chair up to the table. Will you want your chilled glass filled with Corona or Modelo? (We only chill them as we plan to drink them.)

  1. At least he is talking about doing the right thing. That’s more than I can say for my husband, who already has a few issues going on and has one of the worst family health histories you could imagine.

  2. LOL! Great conversation. Sounds like ours each week, hubby and I.Sorry I’ve not been around for a while. YOur blog has changed since the last time I hopped by. Amazing!
    Where are your poems? I’m probably being a divvy but couldn’t see the link.

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