What’s For Lunch?

I was hungry.  It was one o’clock, an hour past lunch time.  I was at a stopping point — finally — in my one-crisis-after-another day, and I decided to grab my wallet and go for food.

On the way down in the elevator, I was trying to decide where to lunch.  Subway?  Church’s Chicken? Pizza Hut? Or maybe I’d just grab a hot dog from the ABC Convenience Store.  I only had a couple of hours yet to work and I could go home.

I made it to curbside and was still undecided.  To my immediate right was the ABC.  Across the street and downstairs was the Waikiki Shopping Plaza Food Court.  Because it is in the basement, we call it the dungeon.  It is pretty much a typical Mall food court; lots of bad food choices surrounding rickety aluminum chairs with matching tables.

I decided on a meatball sandwich from Subway, and stepped off the curb.  A police car lurched around the corner and screached to a halt a few yards from me.  No siren.  No lights.  But the doors flew open and two cops boiled out.  They charged across the street and disappeared down the stairs to the food court.  They ran with their hands poised just over their guns.

You know, that ABC Store heat lamp hot dog I had for lunch was a bit dry and shriveled, but it came without threat of lead poisoning.


Thom, a Hawaii public transit driver, consented to be interviewed by me.


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