Ella Went Missing!

I woke up this morning and Ella was gone.  Boy was I scared!  I had no idea she could get out of our hotel room by herself, but she is a resourceful elephant.  I found a chair near the door.  She must have used it to get to the door knob.

A glance at the clock told me it was 6:30 a.m.  I figured Ella had gone to the lanai to see if there were dolphins.  I tossed on my clothes and charged out of the room.  I was a bit panicked.  I didn’t know if I should worry about somebody kidnapping Ella, or if I should worry more over what kind of havoc she could wreak on the poor unsuspecting hotel staff.

I charged from the elevator to the lanai — practically knocking over a half-dozen tourists and a couple of the hotel staff in my attempt to save them from Ella.  Imagine my shock and fear when she was no where in site.  This is a huge resort complex — and was she even still on the grounds?  How was I ever going to find her?  Bellowing, “Ella” at the top of my lungs at 6:30 a.m. didn’t seem like a really good idea.  Besides, she rarely comes when she’s called.

About that time one of the girls from the front desk approached me and asked if I was looking for my elephant friend.  Then she lead me to the Koi pond where I found Ella watching the fish.  She said if she couldn’t have dolphins, Koi would just have to do.

We will be flying home today. We land in Seattle very late tonight and will be spending a few short hours in an airport hotel before we catch our Kenmore flight back home. Ella and I have lots of vacation pics to share with you, but we think we’ll parse them out through next week. Be seeing you soon!

Ella is Sad

Our very first morning here a nice tourist man greeted Ella and I as we went down to breakfast.  He said to us, “Good morning.  You just missed the dolphins.  They are in the harbor every morning about 6:30 a.m., you should try to get here a little earlier.”

Of course you know Ella was downstairs at 5:45 a.m. the next morning waiting for the dolphins.   She climbed in a deck stair on the lanai and searched the far horizon for any sign of their approach.

Ella just couldn’t sit still. The thought of seeing dolphins was much too exciting and she just had to move, so she hopped out of the chair and jumped onto the breakfast table instead.

I knew she’d insisted on going down way too early, but once she’s decided to do something, there is no stopping her. We waited until after 7:00 a.m. Toward the end, Ella did move to a more comfy seat.

The dolphins never returned. Ella was so excited, and — because she does everything in such extremes — she is horribly sad.  I am afraid that all she is going to remember of this trip was the day she didn’t see the dolphins.

Blogging Without a Net

… can’t be done.  That’s why you are so late hearing from me.  The hotel net crashed this morning and it took Oceanic Time Warner a couple of hours to get it back online.  During that time Ella and I went out for breakfast (Amoeba is at work) and took some photos which I will share later.

In the meantime, as Ella and I were returning to the room and the elevator doors opened, a woman charged into the lobby and yelled to her mate as she quick-stepped past us, “Oh! I have to pee!  I can’t believe I let you talk me into coming to Hawaii.  You know when I smell the ocean I have to pee!  Where’s the bathroom?”

Luckily, she spied the bathroom just as she asked the last question.  Ella and I looked at each other as we stepped into the elevator.  We might be strange, but we’re not that strange!