Ella the Mattress Tester

So far, Ella’s favorite place in Hawaii seems to be my dining room table!  We had French Toast this morning and Ella devoured her’s — though she was seriously offended by the sausage on her plate and says she feels meat eating is barbaric.

The sarong becomes a bib!

The sarong becomes a bib!

Then Ella went with us into town where we signed the lease on our house, then went shopping.  Ella had a great time in Slumber World.  She bounced on ALL of the mattresses.  I was quite concerned and tried to stop her.  The sales guy didn’t mind.  He said they sold good quality beds and a few bounces from a baby elephant wouldn’t hurt them a bit.   I sure hope he’s right because OC bought one of those beds!

The land lady left a lovely dining room table set in the house.  She also left a glass end-table and a lovely crystal lamp.   Tomorrow we are picking up some lovely, very inexpensive dressers.  We’re furnishing the bedroom only.  The rest of the stuff can come from second hand stores or yard sales as we find things we like.  Ella likes the berber carpeting, so she completely agreed with that plan.

Ella lives in Maryland with Melli, but she is currently visiting Hawaii.  She might come and spend some vacation time with you, too, if you can convince Melli that you know how to care for and nurture an elephant.