Last Day: Happily Blue

First off, I believe I have caught up on all my blogging responsibilities. If you were expecting to see me and didn’t, say so. I hustled through all your back posts, and I suppose I could have missed someone. Last night, nearing the end of the craziness this week, I fell asleep 4 or 5 times while trying to post. Finally I succeeded and stumbled off to bed. This morning I woke, went through all my get ready routines and found myself with time to spare. I visited a few blogs, edited my post, gathered my things and left for work. I mentally stayed in blogland thinking of possibilities for this very post, while getting in the car, fastening the seatbelt, checking the mirrors, turning the key, and backing out of the parking space. Then I shifted the car to D.

D! No, not D! D is for delete!

I kid you not. That is the very thought that went through my mind. If I shifted the car to D, I would disappear. The thought only lasted for a second, then I got the giggles. It was just confirmation that it is very good this was my last day. As some of you know, I haven’t much enjoyed this job. Maybe someday I will tell you why.

~ : ~

Today was the last offical day of the 2007-2008 school year in Hawaii. I went in this morning, helped move some furniture, did a room inventory, turned in my confidential files and my keys, and said good-bye.

After the good-byes I got in my car and drove to Ma’ili Beach. I sat in the shade and dug my toes in the sand. I wasn’t feeling blue, but the day sure was …

I could have sat there as long as the shade allowed, but I was hungry and my hair had a date with a pair of scissors. I dusted the sand from my feet and went on my way.

My next stop was a Korean restaurant in Kapolei where I ordered gyoza and a large soda. I noticed the blue calligraphy on the plate and decided a picture was in order. Then I reached for the soy sauce …

The condiments and spices were in this nice little Hello Kitty basket. The toothpick holder had a blue lid. The back wall is also a very light blue because of the tinting on the front windows. They spoke to me of Project Blue.

When I left the Korean restaurant I went and got my hair cut. (That is a post for another day.) Then I headed for home, but first I needed to pay for the privilege of driving to the mall.

At the Aloha gas station on Farrington Highway and Makaha Valley Road (the cheapest gas in town), I paid $4.05.09 per gallon, which translates to a $51.00 fill-up for my mid-sized vehicle. After that I decided the most sensible thing to do was head home and park the beast.

Once at home I headed for the relaxation of the lanai and an absolutely refreshing view.

Those of you who are very observant found a bit of blue in every photo.

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Project Blue
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