Record Low Temps

I have a house guest come to visit me in Las Vegas, the land of sun and fun — Murphy, he of Murphy’s Law — came with. The last couple of days there has been very little sun. This morning we woke to frozen pipes. No showers. No teeth brushing. Nada. We went out to breakfast — not so much for the food, but for the toilet flushing.

Tonight the pipes are wrapped, and the furthest faucet from the water main has been left to drip. Showers are mandatory before noon tomorrow. We have to be at the church by eight.


Offically it is 106* — that’s at the airport, way up on top of the flight controller’s tower. Down here in the pavement is is curently 123* (well, by the next-door-neighbor’s back door). My swamp cooler isn’t working. That’s because the cold-water pipes are pumping out hotter water than the hot water pipes. It took 11 minutes for my kitchen tapwater to run cold.

Two days ago I thought the lady at K-Mart was crazy when she said they’d closed their public restrooms because the water was so hot it had melted the toilet seals and flooded the back of the store. Now I am worrying about my toilet … but I am more worried about Chrissy and Fluffy in their heavy fur coats.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the two hours since I posted above, the offical temperature has fallen 2* and the unoffical temperature has fallen 7*. The wind has picked up and the sky is filling with menacing black clouds. I think the lid’s about to blow off this pressure cooker.