When Is ‘Enough’?

This morning a NY Times article reports that many people are tired of 9/11 tributes. Enough has become too much. They want us all to just forget and move on. Yeah.

Tell that to the people in the twin towers; the people in the pentagon; and those on flight 93. Tell it to the policemen, firefighters, paramedics and other citizens who gave their lives while attempting to save others. Better yet, tell it to their families, those people forever waiting for loved ones that will never come home. Tell it to the sons and daughters who lost a parent — or two. Tell it to the mothers, fathers, wives and husbands who wait in vain for the sound of a voice or the gentle touch from the hand of their beloved.

If, as a nation, we really wanted to put the memories of 9/11 to rest, wouldn’t our energies better be spent working toward peace? What we should be saying ‘enough’ to is hate and violence. Then those who died in the attacks and the aftermath of 9/11 — including the soldiers still dying now — really could rest in peace.

In the meantime may we always remember that privilege should breed responsibility. Unfortunately for too many Americans all it seems to produce is insouciance.

I Have Plaque

I have plaque, but I am not going to the dentist to have it removed! Awhile back, Dr. John ran a Liar’s Contest. The lie had to be based on a dragon story. I entered and came in second place. Here is my prize.

My Dragon Story is here, in case you missed it.

The winning Dragon Story is here.

And Dr. John can be found here. It is leave a comment Monday, so go by and leave him a comment, please. Tell him Quilly sent you.! It will tickle him pink.

Bits and Bites


I wrote this piece for Dr. John’s dragon story contest. It didn’t win (Margaret’s did), but I thought you might enjoy it just the same.

I’m a school teacher well respected in my community and not given to flights of fancy, but I swear, my newest student, Jimmy, is a dragon. I saw him change the other day. It was nearing lunchtime. He said he was very, very hungry and he had to eat. He said if he didn’t eat, something bad would happen. I reminded him that recess was in 20 minutes, and lunch would be right after. He insisted that he’d never make it. Of course, I thought he was exaggerating.

About 15 minutes later I told the students to finish up their math and get ready for recess. They tidied their desks and lined up at the door. Jimmy was in the back of the line. Tulie, our classroom bully, was right in front of Jimmy. I signaled the student line leader to open the door and told everyone to walk to the playground. As they filed out, the air around Jimmy started to shimmer. In the blink of an eye he transformed into a huge, yellow-bellied, grayish-green dragon. In the next instant, with a glup and a burp, he swallowed Tulie.

Almost immediately Jimmy was Jimmy again and the dragon was gone. Tulie was gone as well. He has never been seen again. There is an amber alert out for Tulie and his picture is being circulated far and wide, yet I predict he will never be found. I would tell the police what I saw, but I am afraid they’d never believe me and my career would suffer. Besides, the classroom is rather pleasant now that Tulie is gone, and I owe Jimmy a good turn for getting rid of him. Of course, to keep Jimmy from eating anyone else, I keep plenty of classroom snacks on hand, and Jimmy gets the dragon’s share of them.


Magic Bites, that is. The Ilona Andrews novel has risen to #15 on the Barnes and Noble Science Fiction & Fantasy best-sellers list. Have you purchased your copy yet? They are hopping off the shelves right and left.

Round Two

Round Two has started in Leesa’s Battle of the Blogs. The competition is stomping the heck out of me. Go vote!

Okay, don’t go vote. It really doesn’t matter because I know you all love me, or you wouldn’t leave so many lovely comments.

Izzy Update: He quit. Too much pressure. Now, instead of line leader — he is last in line. There nobody tells him to move faster. For the record, Izzy says he quit because Tim really, really, really wanted the job, so he gave it to him.

We didn’t win the door decorating contest for Nevada reading week, but Mr. K.’s kids did, and their door was cool. No winner has been announced for the Bookworm Contest. It has to be us though. Has to be.