There’s a Monster in The Shower

I opened the shower door the other day to step inside and found some weird, hairy creature huddled by the drain.  I slammed the shower door and ran for the light switch.   Our bathroom is very light and I seldom turn the in-shower light on, but this was a special occasion.

Light on, I cautiously approached the shower stall and peered through the glass door.  The creature was motionless.  Was it dead?  Would death make it any less dangerous?  Ever so slowly I opened the shower door, all the while watching the creature.  If it so much as quivered I was out of there.

The light was on, the shower door stood open wide, and the thing hadn’t moved.  I just wished I could see it better without getting closer.  That’s when it dawned on me to put my glasses back on.  Without taking my eyes off the immobile lump of fur, I felt the bathroom counter behind me until I found my glasses.  I put them on and … realized I was cowering from a huge lump of Amoeba hair.

Amoeba sheds.  It is not something either of us are enjoying.  Amoeba is afraid of losing his manly good-looks.  Personally, I will love him whether he has hair or not, but I am getting tired of having to shave the bathroom every week.