Mi Casita Restaurant

Today I went for two different walks and took 197 photographs.  After my morning walk, where I took most of the photographs, I came in, sat down on the couch to check my mail, and woke up 3 hours later.  Way too late to cook the chicken for my Amoeba’s dinner!  So he decided to punish my negligence by taking me to dinner at a place he introduced me to last time we were on San Juan Island:  Mi Casita Restaurant.  The food is yummy and the service is great.

Mi Casita restaurant is in downtown Friday Harbor, but it’s not right on main street, so it doesn’t have that “hurry up” tourist feel to it.  It has a homey, “take your time and enjoy your food” atmosphere.  There is no TV.  There is no blaring music.  What you hear is people having fun.  Better still, it is possible to carry on a conversation with your dining companion without having to yell.

Amoeba -- My Dining Companion

The fun starts before you even get inside. I fell in love with the mailbox!

The food was outstanding — sorry, no photos.  It was so good we gobbled it down!  Amoeba had shredded beef enchiladas and I had carnitas.  We topped the meal off by sharing a dish of fried ice cream.

Sarah -- Our Superb Waitress

Our waitress, Sarah, was great.  She agreed to join us for a photo and even enlisted another member of the staff to snap the pic.  He did a great job even though he wasn’t too sure about the camera.

Amoeba * Quilly * Sarah

When we left, even the mailbox offered a friendly good-bye!