Just Reflecting

This is a self-portrait. I know it isn’t perfectly focused and I cut off the top of my head, but you try standing in front of the mirror, holding a camera to your chest, and snapping a pic without looking through the view finder. You may not get the photo you think you should, either.



Photo Challenge — Reflect This

For the next week — Sunday through Saturday, I am in search of Photographic Reflections. I am not going to put too fine a point on how you define the word reflection, but I am going to ask that the photographs you share for this theme be your own, or that the actual photographer be clearly identified in your post. Go out, have fun, and remember to leave a comment and link back here so we know who’s playing! Now, get snappin’!

Please, sign in to Mr. Linky only if you are sharing a Photographic Reflection! Either way, leave a comment so I know you’ve been by! Thanks for visiting.

The View From Lunch

We were at the Makaha Valley Golf Club sitting on the lanai enjoying the breeze, the view, each other and a couple of exquisite sandwiches. I took some photos of the birds, then I turned back and looked over my shoulder at the building. The reflection in the windows was picture perfect and I have always wanted to take a picture of perfection, so ….

(with, perhaps, a couple of slight flaws)


I have not forgotten you, but I am busy typing my story AND preparing a sermon. (Pastor is out of town.) I have convinced OC to sing a solo. I doubt I will get to video tape it — or that he would allow me to publish it if I did.

Tomorrow I have a luncheon in town. Saturday OC has a concert at Pearl Harbor on the USS Missouri (yes, I’ll take pics), and Sunday I am leading worship at church and attending a party straight after (if I am still invited). I hope all of you are enjoying your summer as well!