Flirting is For the Birds

Male House Finch

Male House Finch

This little fella is quite the flirt. He is every bit as close to me as this photo leads you to believe. He sang and danced for me, flew loop-de-loops and all but climbed in my lap.

OC had to spend some time at his office on Saturday and I trailed along. The college campus is beautiful and visiting there is no hardship. While OC worked, I took my camera and went for a walk. That’s how I met this little fella. I stopped to set up my tripod for a Project Black shot, and when I sat down on the rock wall, he joined me, clearly interested in my every move.

His interest waned somewhat when he discovered that I had nothing good to eat in any of the totes, bags and contraptions I carried. Still, he kept his eye on me — just in case — and scoured the grass at my feet for seeds. After securing my final Project Black photo, I stepped in OC’s office to check in. OC was still peering into a microscope, so I took a cracker — just one — from his lunch and went back outside.

Once again I sat down on the stone wall and took my camera and tripod out. The sparrow came to watch. I offered him a teeny bit of cracker. He came closer. I gave him another bit of cracker. He moved closer. I offered him another bit of cracker. He wouldn’t take it from my fingers, but he came to within an inch of my hand. It was pretty cool.

Mixed Greens: Project Green Finale

A blast from the past. Being a Jill of many trades, I know my way around a toolbox, and I probably shouldn’t confess, but when fraternizing with the opposite sex, I have spent more time under the hood then in the back seat. Honey, hand me that five-eights socket and the ratchet, please.

A glimpse of yet another University of Hawaii at Monoa site:



This Korean Temple is a symbol of cooperation and peace between East and West.

And a rerun of one of my favorite photos. This was taken in the fall at dusk on the edge of Friday harbor in the San Juan Islands.

And a story from my classroom:
Kevin of the Green & Blue

For weeks now Kevin has gotten the colors green and blue mixed up. No matter what strategy I tried, he just couldn’t tell them apart. Today I called him to the work table and pulled out the color lessons again. I was expecting the same old same old. I picked up a crayon — green — and asked, “Kevin, what color is this?”

He grinned wide and bright. “Green.” He said.

“Green!” I repeated, with my own matching smile. “You’re right! Have you been practicing?”

“Yep!” He said, then he dug all of the other shades of green out of the crayon box. After showing them to me, he said, “Now for blue!” And out they came too!

When asked, “Please hand me …” Kevin can now identify all of his colors! When asked, “What color is this?” And shown an item, he still confuses black and brown, but he’s not expected to have that distinction down pat until Kindergarten, which is next year. (But we still have several weeks to work on it this year!)

Aloha Project Green
It’s been fun!

Once again — here is my own project announcement: commencing May 1st and running 26 days, I will be doing Alphabet Photos. Day one is A. Day two is B. Day three is C. Etc. (Just what did you expect from a Pre-K teacher?!) I would love it if you would join me! Please, please say you will!