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Ruby Tuesday Meets Wild & Tame

Ruby Tuesday & Two 4 Tuesday: Wild & Tame

Right Here, All On One Plate

Wild & Tame

Last Summer Amoeba and I enjoyed a lovely dinner on the patio of the Makaha Resort & Golf Club overlooking the golf course. After our scrumptious meal, we ordered a piece of luscious chocolate cake to share. The cake was so good, we ate every last bite and scraped the plate as clean as was politely possible, then we sat back to settle our food and sip tall glasses of chilled island tea.

A little Brazilian Cardinal sat on the patio railing and watched intently as we ate. When the meal was over, our lovely waitress whisked our plates away, but when dessert was over, we pushed the plate aside and there it stayed. It didn’t take more than two minutes for the Brazilian Cardinal to move from the rail, to the chair, from the chair to the table and from the table to the plate. Once on the plate he investigated it thoroughly, then turned around to tell us off for not leaving him any. Greedy humans, anyway!


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24 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday Meets Wild & Tame”

  1. Jientje says:

    I love that one! Such a beautiful bird! It beats our sparrows, no doubt about that!

    And again, I love the story that goes with it!

  2. Jientje says:

    I voted for you!!

  3. AuntieE says:

    I have never seen a Brazilian Cardinal. What a interesting bird. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  4. Mar says:

    I didn’t know this ruby red beauty, it’s wonderful!!

  5. Mimi says:

    My first time to see one of these too! Gorgeous!
    I bet that chocolate cake was delicious, I can almost taste it from your story.
    Happy RT

  6. Hootin' Anni says:

    I’ve never SEEN this species!!! Wow, just wow! And to be able to have the opportunity to photograph it!!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday wishes to you. My R T is now posted, I do hope you can find time to stop by to visit with me today. You’ll need to scroll down below my Heads or Tails blogging…it’s a beauty!!

  7. Jim says:

    Quilly, that is a pretty RED woodpecker. Too bad you didn’t let him have a little food.
    Your neat picture reminds me of when we were traveling with our second granddaughter. We were eating at a large outdoor restaurant and the black birds came up and ate off people’s plates. Most of them were helping clean up in the dish rinsing area.

    Thanks for your visit and nice comment. Those Texas waitstaff must have washed their hands in the kitchen sink, I never saw any go into that restroom. That kitchen is where we went to pay as well. It was a large kitchen. All I can say.

    Happy RT!

  8. amanda says:

    That is a brave little Cardinal, never have I seen a Brazilian one they are very pretty!


  9. Melli says:

    Yea! SHAME on you for keepin’ that bird alive! I remember this shot!

  10. What a MARVELOUS ‘after dinner’ visitor (not to mention wonderful capture of this beautiful bird)! Thanks for your visit to Sacred Ruminations. I’m glad you enjoyed my acrobat mosaic in multiple versions. I look forward to seeing this group whenever I go to the State Fair and have many MORE photos of them performing to share in the future. Hope you have a lovely day.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. dianne says:

    fantastic story
    what a cute little bird

  12. Dr. John says:

    Poor bird. You could have left it a little.

  13. moosh says:

    This is a new bird for me. So bright. I can almost smell the cake. HRT

  14. Church Lady says:

    I just love your photography. Have I told you that before? Oh well, I am telling you again. It is fantastic!

  15. that is a marvelous shot.. what a beautiful bird!

  16. Lew says:

    Must have been tasty! The cardinal posed so nicely and not a crumb for its patience.

  17. quilly says:

    Jientje — but the Sparrows are kinder, much more timid birds.

    AuntieE — thanks!

    Mar — I’m glad I showed you something new.

    Mimi — the chocolate cake was to die for!

    Hootin’ Anni — I was so excited I was afraid the photo wouldn’t turn out well from my trembling!

    Jim — red, yes. Woodpecker, no. Cardinal. Brazilian Cardinal — but just as brazen as any Blackbird.

    Amanda — I’m glad I showed you something new.

    Melli — you think I should have poisoned it with chocolate cake?

    Storyteller — thanks! And I’ll definitely be visiting you again.

    Dianne — thanks!

    Dr. John — somethings are just too good to share. Amoeba and I even declared that next time we’d each get our own piece so we wouldn’t have to share with each other!

    Moosh — better to smell the cake than the bird, I think!

    Church Lady — by all means, repeat that as often as you want! LOL! (Thank you!)

    Jan — thanks. I’m glad you liked it.

    Lew — I know. I should probably be ashamed but the cake was so good, I’m not.

  18. Chocolate cake crumbs—
    so tantalizing to the
    little cardinal!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  19. Gattina says:

    I have never seen such a cardinal with white feathers ! what a beauty, not like the old catholic cardinals who have red heads from drinking wine !!

  20. Nicole says:

    Grin, that’s the cutest shot (and story) I’ve seen in a while.

  21. quilly says:

    MMT — it was pretty tantalizing to me, too! That’s why there are no crumbs for the Cardinal!

    Gattina — you are such a riot!

    Nicole — I’m glad you liked it.

  22. Quilly I did miss this post last week. My loss! What a wonderful cardinal. I’ve never seen one like that! Happy Ruby Tuesday! 🙂

  23. quilly says:

    Mary — I wasn’t upset that you missed it. As I said, you are always welcome at Quintessentially Quilly. I just didn’t want you to think I was linking and not playing along. I saw your note on today’s photo and feel much better now.

  24. Hi..thanks for your comments on my blog. This little guy is adorable..different too. The colors remind me of the java finches as well. Hope you have a great weekend-