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#269 Ruby Tuesday’s Romantic Garden

Romantic Garden

Romantic Garden, 2009

Charlene L. Amsden, photographer

Another shot of the San Juan Winery’s lovely garden. I was going for an “impressionistic” kind of shot. I like the swirl of colors and the way the composition of the photo draws my gaze to the “sweet-spot” in the middle.


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16 Responses to “#269 Ruby Tuesday’s Romantic Garden”

  1. Jientje says:

    Ooooh I loved that shot!! It looks so pretty and you did get that impressionistic little twist to it. You should teach me how to do that, I love it! It’s genius!

  2. quilly says:

    Jientje — I used my 200mm lens and manually focused on the center, which blurred the edges of the photo naturally so I didn’t have to edit the effect into the pic afterward.

  3. Hootin' Anni says:

    Wow….it’s heavenly.

    Quilly, thanks for the very sweet comment you left for me today!!!

  4. Martha(PA) says:

    Beautifully composed!

    My RT

  5. Quilly, this is art! Such a lovely photograph that gives Money a run for his money! 🙂 I would never think you’d sign Mr. Linky or leave a comment without playing along…

  6. Gattina says:

    Lovely picture ! I get romantic !

  7. Melli says:

    Yea… THAT’s what you can DO when you have a 200 mm lens! It IS gorgeous Quill!

  8. I think you’ve definitely captured ‘impressionistic’ with that shot. It is simply lovely. Monet comes to mind.

  9. quilly says:

    Anni — you worked hard for that comment! 😉

    Martha — thank you.

    Mary — thank you and I am glad you weren’t wondering last week when you arrived at Quintessentially Quilly and couldn’t find my Ruby Tuesday photo.

    Gattina — I am a romantic at heart.

    Melli — thank you. I do adore my 200mm.

    Lindy — thanks for the great compliment. You’ve made my day!

  10. Mar says:

    Lovely. What a beautiful romantic shot!!

  11. Beautiful blossoms … lovely title ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. dianne says:

    your composition makes this romantic
    beautiful photo

  13. moosh says:

    Very Monet like. I like your style. I just point and shoot.

  14. quilly says:

    Mar — I am glad you like it!

    HRGal — thank you! I appreciate your visit.

    Dianne — thanks! I thought the flowers deserved the most credit, but I’m glad to soak it up for myself! 😉

    Moosh — point and shoot works, too. I do it more often than I do something like this.

  15. The flower garden
    speaks with colorful voices.
    Have you ears to hear?

  16. Nicole says:

    That’s a real Beauty!
    Love that angle too.