The Country Club Bum

OC and I went to lunch Sunday and sat on the lanai of a restaurant overlooking a golf course. It is a lovely view with all the flowering trees in bloom, the emerald green manicured lawns and the azure sea beyond. I took my camera to capture the view, but company came and took much of my attention.

The company was uninvited. He slowly sidled up to the table and helped himself …

He approached us with an innocent, “don’t mind me” air.

He casually strolled closer, looking everywhere but at us.

He nonchalantly took a seat at our table.

Scooted up close.

Stepped on up to the plate …

Gave it a thorough inspection.

Then admonished us. “Okay you two, perhaps you didn’t get the memo. All guests are required to leave a bite or two for me!”

He tried valiantly to convince us that our callous disregard of his dietary wishes had put him in eminent peril. In other words, he insisted he was starving. He might have made better headway if he’d sucked in his gut.