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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Why is “G” for WW ?? you could have named it “gold”, lol !
    Arthur’s guns are fakes, Mr. Gattino loves them as decoration (I don’t)

  2. Glitter, glitz & glam!!! Not to MENTION Gold! Man! You WiN!

    … can’t believe i put up a bloomin’ … well… you know… against THIS!

    SHOW OFF!!! 😛

  3. Love your title!! not only because I did a combined post myself 🙂
    Lots of gold and glitter, very nice building.

  4. Gattina — it IS Wednesday and my photo IS wordless, yes? And I didn’t think you’d surround your beloved pet with real guns!

    Brian — point?

    Karen — just for you — SALA

    Melli — this sala sits on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus near the East-West Center. And I have no idea why you think you’re square and green and have devil horns. What did you have for dinner?

    Baba — thanks for visiting.

    Mar — it dazzles in the sunlight, that’s for sure!

    Doug — brilliant. From now on you can be my official title writer.

    Dr. John — see Doug’s comment!

    Bettygram — thanks. I thought it would be unique.

  5. Hey ! these guns are fakes, lol ! Mr. Gattino loves them as decoration, I honnestly prefer my cat collection !

  6. Gattina — yes. You already said that up above. Is someone giving you a hard time? I have to come see the comments you’re getting!

  7. Thanks for the background info!

    I think Melli was referring to all those little icons next to our comments. They keep changing. Last time I was a magenta thing with horns. LOL!!

  8. Karen, you’re welcome — and Hush! Melli reads ALL the comments and now I can’t pretend she hallucinated the whole thing.

  9. I “g”uess you must be “w”rite since you are the teacher, but, “G”, “w”hat are you going to do “w”hen “w”e come to “w”- that is my q”w”estion.

  10. I totally forgot to say I’m in today as well, I did a WW this morning and posted an ABC a couple of hours later! But I forgot to tell your Mister Linky!
    G for gold, and G for great! Great picture! See you tomorrow!

  11. Fabulous photos and a fun contest going on. Leave it to you to start a new trend in photo hunts 😉

  12. Well, sheeeesh! I was here earlier and left links to Reba’s and my posts… and forgot to wake her up so we could both leave comments here for you to read. Guess it was having company that I can blame it on today…. though I’m not sure I’ve left you comments before. If not, it’s due to being the middle of the night when I usually do this and am half asleep, haha

    Anyway, this is GLORIOUS, GLAMOROUS GOLD! and I want some, haha.

  13. GrrrrrUFFF!!! Gold. Gold? What is gold? Can a dog eat gold? Is it like a bone to chew on? Sigh… I’m going back to sleep. Later hoomans.

  14. Jientje, if you want a link to your b log, you need to check in every day.

    JD — all that glitters …..

    Cath — I posted an intelligent photo? Okay. Whatever you say.

    Pauline — I actually think I just tweaked someone else’s trend.

    Alice — it doesn’t matter, I haven’t been home!

    Reba — gold can buy bones to chew on. Big, juicy, meaty bones!

  15. That gold is so brilliant! What a great find. Not just for G, but for any day. I’m really enjoying this series; both viewing and posting. It’s challenging and fun. I also thank you for visiting my posts each day and leaving such nice comments. I do appreciate it. 🙂

  16. Robert — thank you, I am trying to be a good hostess. I’m glad you’re enjoying the party.

    David — On the University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus. It is near the East West center. There is a link that explains more about it in my first response to Karen’s comment. Enjoy!

    Minkydo — why thank you! But how did you like my sala photo?

  17. I totally agree with Robert’s comment. I too am really enjoying the fun and challenge of coming up with photos to post, enjoying using my camera more again, haha… and I appreciate that you are a good hostess, QuillDancer. I enjoy visiting others posts to see their creative take on the letters and it’s great getting comments from those who visit my posts.

    Reba & I both have our “H” posts up and will be back as soon as we wake up so we can list them with Mr. Linky and see some other “H”s. Nite all.

  18. Juliana — I’ll have you know that Frosted Flakes were my favorite cereal as a kid. Of course, since they’re frosted in SUGAR I wasn’t allowed to have them often.

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