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H is For Hands, Honu & Hibiscus

How any of you expected to see at least two of the three things listed in the title?

This bright red hibiscus is popular all over the island.

The day we went to Sea Life Park all the kids got to touch Gizmo,
the baby green sea turtle. Gizmo is nine months old.
Soon he will be placed in the huge aquarium that simulates life in the ocean.
At 24 months old, after he’s gained some size and some foraging experience,
he will be released into the wild.
Since green sea turtles are on the Endangered Species List,
Gizmo will remain at Sea Life Park until he’s out grown most of his predators.

Hibiscus come in many colors.
Each different color or petal shape is the result of a different cultivar.
The Hawaii State Flower is a yellow Hibiscus with slightly ruffled petal edges.
The flower’s native name is, pua aloalo.

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  1. You know that I am drinking Karkade tea all the time ! It’s made from Hibiscus flowers and it tastes wonderful. It’s the national drink in Egypt. wherever you go you get a Karkade offered, either hot or cold. It’s hard to find here in Belgium and costs a lot compared to Egypt, so when I have been there in November I brought 1 kg with me !

  2. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I am going to Greece tomorrow (Friday) for a 1 week roundtrip. But I prepared all posts from I – P in advance and Blogger will publish them for me. So I am participating ! I will comment each time I can get an Internet connection.

  3. Oh I just love Hibiscus! And they actually GROW beautifully for (even) me!!! But I can’t have them, because for me, they are “annuals”. And they are far to expensive to be annuals! LOL! We have to “bring them in” over the winter… but the ants love them so much that everytime I buy one the ants find them and fill the pot… and then I do not WANT to bring them IN over the winter… *snif* … it’s sad!

    Gizmo is as cute as turtles get!!! Bet the kids LOVED him!

  4. After our last trip to Hawaii we purchased a hibiscus plant for our front yard because we liked them so much. Unfortunately it didn’t make it. I guess we’ll just have to go back to Hawaii. Thanks for rekindling good memories. πŸ™‚

  5. Lovely!! I have two red hibiscus like your first picture. They came with the house so they are at least 30 years old and huge. Gizmo looks very cute!!
    My H is posted here
    Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

  6. These are stunning!! All such beautiful shots… and I totally LOVE Gizmo!!

    Have an awesome day/night… and don’t worry about us. You can always catch up here later. Enjoy the return of your Love.

  7. Whoof! Even a dog can see beauty if these flowers. Well, this dog anyway. Arf! Gizmo is cute, but wouldn’t be no fun to play woof.

  8. Don’t worry, when your sweetie is coming home, you are entitled to forget all the rest! All is forgiven Quilly! I played again this evening, and tomorrow I’m doing an update of all the letters I missed by starting later than the rest of you! Enjoy your time with your sweetie!

  9. Those Hibiscus are gorgeous, especially love the color of that second one! Mine looks a bit bedraggled after wintering in the house with a fat old cat that likes to snack on its’ leaves…

    About the domain- I bought a domain and hosting service from Hostgator and installed a version of Word Press on there. Doing it this way lets you hack all you want to on templates, etc…and it give you access to literally thousands of templates to choose from, too. As for price, I pay $8.95 per month.

    Here’s my entry for

  10. Love the flower shots but the hands around Gizmo are the best.
    Don’t worry about visits – enjoy your time with your love! Thank you for all your support over at mine.

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