I Have the Nicest Friends!

My virtual birthday bash was a resouding success!  I had an absolutely wonderful time.  I want to thank my Amoeba, Doug, Nessa and Thom for hosting my birthday on their blogs.  I had a lively flow of visitors and well-wishers all day long.

If  you were one of those visitors and well-wishers, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without a doubt, I have the nicest friends God ever made.  I have said a prayer of thanks for each of you.

An Open Letter to My Readers

To each and everyone of you who visit here — most especially to those of you who comment — thank you.  Every day I look forward to your words.  There was a while, before OC, when your words were often the only kind words I received in a day.  And there were many, many days when you were the only adults I spoke to!

When you do not appear, I miss you.  If you don’t appear or post on your own blog for several days, I worry about you!  Most of you have been in my prayers at one time or another.  I may not know you in the flesh, but I count you among my friends.

However, I am not just thanking you for being wonderful people and caring friends, I am thanking you — especially those who comment on a regular basis — for making my blog a fun and friendly place to be.  Almost two years ago I told my sister, Caryl, that she needed to read the comments because that’s where all the fun is.  Just recently she started reading the comments, and she agrees.

Waaaaay back when I first started blogging, this guy named Doug was one of the first to leave me a comment.  I followed his link back to his blog and I found a community of friends sharing fun and laughter and silliness.  I wanted the same kind of community on my blog — and I got it, but I know that wasn’t by my effort, but by yours.

This is my 1000th post.  In those 1000 posts, I have received 15,622 non-spam comments.  That’s an amazing return on my investment!  I wish you’d all have been sending me money instead …. Oh! Wait.  I mean, I cherish each and every one of those comments.  Many of them were rays of sunshine on gloomy days, or pick-me-ups when I thought I was down for the count.

If it weren’t for all of you, I would have no reason to blog, so this milestone is yours, and I thank you for it, 1000 times over!

Post 900

This is post 900.


A number like 900 calls for something momentous and weighty.

I got nada.


So I’m just going to regale you with some of my favorite moments from me:
(‘cuz I’m modest and unassuming)

June 2008 — Brings you to date. On June first we (my blog and I) celebrated our third anniversary. Today I have posted my 900th post. A lot of pictures and a lot of words have graced these pages. I have had much fun here and met many wonderful people — OC included.

Each of you have touched my heart. You’ve opened my eyes, challenged me to care and made me think. I cherish you all more than I can say. This anniversary is yours as much as mine, because if it weren’t for my readers, I wouldn’t be here.

Thank you.

25 months — approximately 750 days — 900 posts

Alphabet Challenge Acknowledgments

I wish to offer a special thank you to those who played with me:

~ Challenge Survivors, Beginning to End ~
(in alphabetical order)

Alice, of I Was Born2Cree8

Baba, of Baba’s Blog

Carletta, of Round the Bend

Cyndi, of Kaleidoscope

Dr. John, of Dr. John’s Fortress

Gattina, of Keyhole Pictures

Jientje, of Heaven in Belgium

Juliana, of Scabiosa Trenta

Karen, of 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

Mar, of Maremagnum

Melli, of Insanity Prevails

Reba, of Reba’s Run!

Robert, of Thoughts of a Father,

Shelly, of This Old Farm

. . .

~ Challenge Participants ~
those who’s alphabets are missing a few letters
(in alphabetical order)

Judy, of Photo Fun, made it to O and then never returned. I hope she’s still not out looking to take a Photo.

Lilli, of Nevada & Lilli’s Travel Page, made it to A then traveled on seemingly without giving us another thought.

Minkydo, of Some Place to Put My Pictures, made it to T, but must still be out looking for yoU.

Nessa, of The Chrysalis Stage, made it to E, then just left the F off.

. . .

~ Honorable Mention ~

And then there’s Brig, who did the entire alphabet,
but put most of the posts on her locked, private blog
so out of this group, only I got to enjoy them.
You can find a few (D, H, I, O) of her Alphabet posts on, Watch My Aerogrow.

It has been a fun 26 days. I hope you don’t suddenly become strangers here. You’ll all still be seeing me at your places!