Through the Window

The other day I left a comment on Gigi’s blog telling her that one of the things I love about living in Hawaii is never closing the windows.  I really meant that.  Mostly what comes through our windows is fresh air and the sweet scent of  Plumeria or Mock Orange Blossoms.  Occasionally something less appealing assaults us, like a booming stereo in a passing car (minor and brief), or an argument issuing from a neighbors home.  They are also usually brief, but they are not always minor.

Today I heard the boy across the street whining.  I recognized the tone of his voice, but not his words.  His mother’s voice came clearly, “After you finish your homework.”

More whining followed and again the mother responded.  “After you finish your homework.”

The kid yelled, “My show will be over by then!”

This time the mother’s answer was too low for me to understand, but I heard the child’s response loud and clear.  “I hate you! You’re stupid!”

The father answered sharply, “Don’t speak to your mother like that!”

The boy yelled back, “Why not?  You do!”

Then somebody female yelled, “Yes!” I think it was the mother, but it could have been the daughter.  I hope it wasn’t me.  I know I was thinking it.  I also know it’s been real quiet over there ever since.

27 thoughts on “Through the Window

  1. Love Muffin and I (almost) never argued in front of the boys. And those few times when we did, the discussion stayed ‘on track’, and never devolved into name calling or other types of derogatory remarks. It’s a matter of respect for each other. And for ourselves. I’d like to ask that man, your neighbor, why it is he doesn’t respect himself well enough to respect his wife. And I’d like to ask HER why she puts up with it.
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    • Two more weeks in the Land of Lost Aloha, Dawg. In Washington, this time of year, the windows will not be open. Trust us on this.

    • I didn’t, Thom. I knew, if I did, I’d spend the rest of my life in the family icebox. There are effective deterrents to this sort of behavior (starting with squelching the idea that life revolves around the TV). But since most of Us receive no education about Sex and Money (and with the recent news on primary and secondary education in this so-called state – it’s in a state, I’ll tell you – the likelihood that any such education will be forthcoming is nil), We have no clue about these deterrents. Or much of anything else except to parrot what our Big Five bosses wish us to parrot.

    • Thom — had I ever said that to my parents I would still be looking for my face. I am not saying that violence is the answer, but parents who respect each other generally raise respectful children.

  2. dysfunctional families, failed parenting… i know more about these things than i would ever wish for anybody… guess that’s one of the main reasons i never had any desire to become a parent myself
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