E is for Exit

This is an island with too many people and we all have cars — too many cars. Parking space is a premium commodity. This gate locks a church parking lot in Waikiki. It opens only for church vehicles, including the shuttle vans that bring people in. At the far left of the gate you can see a walk-in entrance. It is standing ajar to welcome visitors. The church parking lot is a tiny little postage stamp. Much of their parking is now occupied by a Burger King.

The night before I shot the photo above, O’Ceallaigh and I were walking down the Waikiki Beach hand-in-hand. I had my eye out for the green roof of the church because I wanted a photo. When I saw it I cracked up laughing and shot this:

I’ll take the Lord’s Prayer with a Coca Cola and a side of fries. Would you super-size that please? And don’t forget the ketchup!

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