Sometimes You Just Need Help

In today’s economy more people than ever before are looking for financial education, credit counseling, and debt management. I don’t know why these aren’t standard curriculum in school classrooms. Why is it that most Americans don’t teach their kids about s3x and money until after they’ve gotten into trouble. Experience might be the best teacher, but it certainly isn’t the easiest and some mistakes are forever.

Luckily, money mistakes can usually be corrected. If you are struggling with overwhelming credit card debt you might be an excellent candidate for debt consolidation loans. The Debt Consolidation Connection is a non-profit agency designed to help people manage their debt, and get their financial lives back under control. If you need help, check them out.

When I first got out of college my credit cards were maxed, the student loan payments came due, and I still had rent, utilities, groceries, etc. I sat with my checkbook and my bills one day and just crying. Thanks to my education I had a better paying job than ever before, but thanks to my bills I actually had less money to live on at the end of the month than I did when I scrubbed toilets for a living.

Getting into debt is easy. Getting out is harder. Still, it can be done. I paid off three credit cards, kept a roof over my head, made my car and my insurance payments, plus built a savings account. It wasn’t easy. I often worked three jobs. I also did without the “latest and greatest” gadgets and toys, but it was worth it. And the few luxuries I did purchase were researched and well thought-out. I paid cash for them so I had to scrimp and save to get them. Because of that I value them so much more than I ever valued any of my credit card impulse buys.

Seeking Insurance

I did a lot more walking than I am used to while Thom and Susan were here. It has left me with a sore knee and a big toe that goes numb if I sit in one place for too long. My friend, a retired doctor, says I have likely pinched or stressed my sciatic nerve. I also thought I was developing an ear infection, but thankfully a day inside out of the wind has cured that discomfort.

Even so, it’s time to get my eyes checked and I could do with a physical.  I need insurance which means I need a job someplace with great group health medical benefits.  Since I am my only employee, I don’t have business insurance.

What about other folks who are self-employed?   Where do they get their insurance and how much does it cost?  I am not usually one for visiting the doctor more than once or twice a year, so I hate the thought of paying humongous premiums. I wonder if Netquote insurance can help me with this problem?

Buy a Foreclosed Home & Save Big

Many of my friends will be relocating over the summer. They’re in the market for new homes, so when I was asked to review this Foreclosure Listings search engine I thought it might come in handy. To use the Bank Foreclosures search engine, just visit the website and type in the city and state you are moving to and you will receive a list of foreclosed homes. Even though you won’t get a brand new home, many of them are like new — but you don’t get those brand new prices.

Believe it or not, I found six listings for right here in Friday Harbor, WA. and the prices almost blew me away! I found a 1,264 square foot, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home on a 25000 ft (approx. one-half acre) lot for less than $200,00.00!

Stats and photos are available for each home. The ForeclosurePatch also provides a large selection of instructional articles about how to buy a foreclosed home. Further information on affordable housing options is also available.

iPhone Addicts: Get The App That Pays You to Use It!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

ChopsYep.  You read that headline right.  WeReward is an iPhone App that pays you for doing what you’re already doing — how sweet is that?   Say you want a coffee, just check your iPhone to see which of your local coffee shops is offering check-in rewards, then go get your coffee at that shop and you’ll actually earn cash back on the sale.  Here, check out this video.  It explains things much more clearly than I can.

This is so cool I wish I had an iPhone! Just think, I could put it to work earning money through and it would help pay for itself. That’s what I call a sweet deal.

First you need to visit WeReward, Download the App and link it to your favorite social media app like Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare. Once you’re linked, you’re ready to start earning points. Most of the check-ins are worth five points (equal to five cents) but I’ve seen tasks worth up to ten times that much — and the tasks are fun! They’re kind of like treasure hunts with real treasure.

So, why are you just sitting there?  Start downloading all ready, then the next time you go to the video store or your favorite pizza place you can earn cash back. WeReward is a brand new app.  You can be the first one to introduce it to your friends.

Visit my sponsor: WeReward for iPhone

Is Your Home Loan Legal?

Did you know that most home loans have some violations in the contract?  Lenders often make errors and violations in connection with TILA, RESPA and HOEPA laws. If you are behind in your mortgage payments and in jeopardy of losing your home and there are violations in your loan contract, you may be able to use your those mortgage law violations as leverage. You could possibly resolve your delinquent mortgage status and obtain a loan modification.

American Residential Law Group attorneys are experienced in forensic loan audits. They have helped thousands of homeowners obtain mortgage modifications, save their homes from foreclosure, and negotiate much more favorable mortgage terms and interest rates. Perhaps they could do the same for you.

ARLG and recommend that you refrain from entering into any loan modification agreements without first consulting a Fair Home Loan Bureau adviser.  You may contact the Fair Home Loan Bureau via the ARLG website.  The Fair Home Loan Bureau was created to keep American’s in their homes.