Kona Cutie & A Pigeon

When OC and I were in Kona I got some great shots of a special little fella.
I was saving them for I knew not what until I heard the words,
Project Green is a new challenge brought to us by Anna of
Anna Carson Photography.
Pop over to her blog and sign up if you are interested in playing along.


We were strolling through the Keauhou Beach Resort gardens,
me with my camera firmly in hand, when OC pulled me up short,
touched his finger to his lips, then pointed at a clump of ginger flowers.
I had to look twice before I saw …

My first shot almost frightened him away, so I backed off.
Even so, he kept his eyes on me and remained very skittish.

I believe he was looking for an escape route,
but down must have seemed a poor option.
I’d already tracked him to the back side of a leaf.

And then another interloper arrived.

It was just too much excitement for this little fella, and he bid us adieu.



Is this pigeon looking through the rafters at me,
or am I looking through the rafters at it?


Project Looking Through originated with Mark,
who claims to have a Regular Life.