Directions for writing a cinquain:

1st line: 1 noun

2nd line: 2 describing words

3rd line: 3 verbs

4th line: short descriptive phrase

5th line 1 noun, synonym of the first noun.

I modeled the lesson using the first and last name of the school janitor, a favored staff member. I suggested the students practice by using their own names, or the name of someone they love. This is what I recieved:




teacher, funny,

laughing, loving, leading,

knowledge for the future,




CafePress Review

Have you been wondering about the quality of the products from CafePress? Have you considered buying something and then reconsidered because you feared shoddy workmanship? Fear no more. CafePress items look as good in your hand as they do on their website.

I have right here at my left hand a beautiful high gloss finished large coffee mug with one of Rob Harrington’s incredible photographs on the side. I chose Rob’s logo mug with the angel-ocean collage. The photo-detailing on the cup is crisp and clear — doing justice to Rob’s originals. The weathing on the angel statue has been faithfully reproduced, and footprints can clearly be seen near the shoreline by the sea.

The 15 ounce mug itself is high quality ceramic. It has some heft to it. It is not a cheap ceramic that one would sit on a shelf for show. This mug begs to be filled with your favorite hot beverage.

Note: I do not work for CafePress or Rob Harrington. This is a completely unsolicted commercial. I will receive no compensation — monetary or otherwise — for this plug.

2008 UPDATE: I now have my own CafePress store where you can get apparel and household goods with a tropical theme! O’C & Quilly’s Paradise Shop