Ruby Tuesday With Dragons

Our Ruby Tuesday host is Mary, the Teach.

On Tuesdays you can post any photo you like (it must be one of your own) that contains the color RED. Your photo can contain lots of RED or a little bit of RED.

Manoa Chinese Cemetary

Manoa Chinese Cemetery

This is the entrance to the Manoa Chinese Cemetery, one of the most beautiful spots on the island. The Chinese call this place, “The Heart of the Dragon” and the first Chinese settlers declared it sacred. Here is where they wanted to be buried, because it is as close as they would ever be to China again.

Today the cemetery is the equivalent of a very exclusive country club. Only members of the very best families are permitted residence. And even within the cemetery there are divisions, or “clans” and it is family membership which determines where one is buried.

Dragon Gate

Dragon Gate

Melli asked for dragons. These sit above the Dragon Gate in Manoa Chinese Cemetery. They are just one small example of the exquisite art which can be found upon the grounds. Please click on the images and make them larger.

D is for Dragon … ahem … Lion

Dandy Lion

Defender Lion

This dragon lion guards the entrance to the Manoa Chinese Cemetery here on Oahu.

In 1852, a Chinese immigrant named Lum Ching hiked Manoa valley with a friend. Finally they arrived at Akaka Peak, where the view expanded to the sea. Lum Ching, an astronomer and geologist, placed this compass on a level surface and to his surprise, it pointed directly south. After completing several astrological computations, Ching exclaimed to his friend, “We are at an extraordinary spot. It is the pulse of the watchful dragon of the valley.” Slowly, over the course of several years, at Ching’s urging the land was purchased parcel-by-parcel from it’s original owners. Today that land is Manoa Chinese Cemetery, a beautiful and peaceful cemetery with a view to die for.

Apparently D is for Lion.
If you read the comments you will find that Karen has corrected me.
She shouldn’t have had to because I suspected my info was wrong.
At any rate, I am leaving this Dandy Defender Lion up.

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