Need Help?

Hire a helper!

  • Need help moving?  Hire a helper!
  • Need help with your spring cleaning? Hire a Helper!
  • Need help with your yard work? Hire a Helper!
  • Need a handyman? Hire a Helper!

If you’ve got a day job that needs done and no one to do it, check out  Sure, you could call that ad in the paper, but provides customer reviews and the paper doesn’t. also offers licensed contractors.  Military personal, be certain to identify yourselves when calling  You are eligible for military discounts.

Whether you’re moving from Kalamazoo or Timbuktu, checkout HireAHelper to see if they can meet your labor needs at a lower rate than that National moving company. Chances are they can.  Just plug in your zip code to find out what local movers cost in your own home town.

  • Houston Movers are available for $93.50 for the first two hours.
  • New York movers cost 140.92 for the first two hours.
  • Seattle movers cost 103.78 for the first two hours.

HireAHelper can also put you in touch with a local cleaning service.  You need all your exterior windows washed and aren’t up to climbing the ladders?  Need your gutters cleaned, your lawn thatched, the steps mended on your back porch?  HireAHelper can put you in touch with someone that has the skills you need.

I wish I had known about HireAHelper those 6 weeks I sat in Vegas with my foot elevated in wrapped in frozen peas.  I could have used some housekeeping and laundry help.  I could have used some grocery shopping help, too.  I lived on take-out and believe me it was getting tiresome by the time I could finally put weight on my foot.

Hire A Helper

As I first announced on August 25th, Amoeba and are moving to Friday Harbor, Washington come January 2010. Because we are moving, we have been looking into moving services and getting quotes. There are literally hundreds of different moving services and they all have different service packages. A person needs a score card to keep up! In the midst of all that craziness I receive a request to review a website — and it just happens to be a moving services website! How perfect is that?

And guess what? has a platform for comparing different Movers and moving services! You know I pulled up the website immediately and checked it out. I can tell you for a fact that this is a site I would use!

At, I can search for Movers, read customer reviews on their services, compare price quotes and even schedule my own move. And, with just another click of my mouse I can schedule someone to come in and clean the house behind me! Another tab lead me to lawn care providers, and yet another click lead me to a site where I can check out day laborers. One stop shopping for service providers!  I could manage this whole move while sitting in the shade sipping iced tea! has over 4000 registered helpers across the United States. They are the official labor providers for and when they need moving helpers.   Moving is expensive.  It is much cheaper to rent your own truck, pack your own boxes, and hire someone else to do the lifting and carrying.   It’s also much easier! That’s the way I managed both my Las Vegas moves.

Need help packing? Need help cleaning? Need help getting your yard ready? You need someone to lift and carry? You need someone to drive? You just need manual labor for a day? You need!

This was a paid post.  The active links were removed on 10.12.09