Don’t Call Search & Rescue

Yes, I know we went missing.  Our bad.  The problem started when my blog host went offline.  While it was down we left the island.  Amoeba had to see the doc about a mole on his lip.  The doc took the mole and left Amoeba with a really big bandage on his face.  That is why we couldn’t be found.

We are home now, but going to bed.  I have poked pain killers in Amoeba and he is kind of spacey. I need to get him to lay down before he falls down.

While you’re waiting for me to wake up and visit your blogs, Facebook did manage to upload the entire Watermelon Man video. This is the One More Time Band playing at The Rumor Mill in Friday Harbor, Washington. Amoeba is playing the trumpet solo with the plunger mute. You can also see this on Facebook.

The Rumor Mill Was Jumpin’!

The Rumor Mill is a restaurant not too far from the Ferry Landing in beautiful downtown Friday Harbor, WA. Last night the One More Time Band played to a full house and a hopping dance floor.

The tinny sound is because my camera couldn’t handle the volume. Amoeba says it didn’t help that they put a 17 piece band in a closet and added two amplifiers!

Note as you watch Amoeba playing with his plunger mute — yes, he bought it at the hardware store. No, he has never used it on any pipes but his trumpet’s.

The trumpet solo you will hear is played by Tom Starr, the gentlemen sitting on Charley’s right.

Yes, Charley has shaved off his beard. He had to. He had a mole removed from just below his bottom lip. It was interfering with his trumpet playing. If you notice something below his lip, it’s the band-aid.

Rock ‘n Roll Fridays ~ Simon and Garfunkel

Welcome to Rock ‘n Roll Fridays brought to you by DJ KathyA.  Rock ‘n Roll Fridays is much like any other “question meme”, but their little “twist” is that each week they pick a singer, band, era or category and choose thirteen related songs.  Then each question is based on the song lyrics.

Today’s artist is:

Simon & Garfunkel

1. A HAZY SHADE OF WINTER But look around, the leaves are brown, And the sky is a hazy shade of winter. Oh, seasons change with scenery, weaving time in a tapestry, Won’t you stop and remember me?
Do you think of someone special during Winter?
Me. I worry about whether or not I am warm and cozy.

2. BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER When you’re down and out, When you’re on the street, When evening falls so hard I will comfort you. I’ll take your part.
What cheers you up?
Being warm and cozy! And if I am down despite being warm and cozy, I can count on my Amoeba to lift my spirits. He always seems to know just what to say to make me laugh and look for positives.

3. EL CONDOR PASA I’d rather be a forest than a street. Yes I would. If I could, I surely would. I’d rather feel the earth beneath my feet.
When was the last time you went barefoot in the grass?
About 15 minutes ago when I ran out to see how the electric candles look in the windows.

4. AMERICA Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike, They’ve all come to look for America…
How do you entertain yourself during a traffic jam?
Hahahahaha! We live in a 15 mile by 20 mile island. We don’t have traffic jams. Our daily rush hour lasts 7 minutes.

5. SOUNDS OF SILENCE When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night And touched the sound of silence

What words would flash on your ideal neon sign?
The kitchen is closed!

6. 59th STREET BRIDGE SONG Got no deeds to do, No promises to keep. I’m dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep. Let the morning time drop all its petals on me. Life, I love you, All is groovy.
What was the last event that made you feel groovy?
I’m sorry, my grooves are private. That’s why we have doors and window blinds.

7. RICHARD CORY The papers print his picture almost everywhere he goes: Richard Cory at the opera, Richard Cory at a show. And the rumor of his parties and the orgies on his yacht! Oh, he surely must be happy with everything he’s got.
Do you make enough money to keep you happy?
Unemployed. You figure it out.

8. THE BOXER In the clearing stands a boxer, And a fighter by his trade And he carries the reminders Of ev’ry glove that laid him down
How do you feel about boxing as a sport?
I’m all for it — unless my opponent plans to swing back!

9. MRS ROBINSON Hide in the hiding place where no one ever goes. Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes. It’s a little secret just the Robinsons’ affair. Most of all you’ve got to hide it from the kids.
What was the last thing you hid from the kids or significant other in your home?
Generally I hide the car keys, but not on purpose ….

10. I AM A ROCK I have my books And my poetry to protect me; I am shielded in my armor,
What item protects you?
Secret Antiperspirant and Deodorant

11. KATHY’S SONG I hear the drizzle of the rain Like a memory it falls Soft and warm continuing Tapping on my roof and walls.
What is your least favorite thing about rain?
It always hangs out beneath gray skies.

12. HOMEWARD BOUND Home where my thought’s escaping, Home where my music’s playing, Home where my love lies waiting Silently for me.
What’s your favorite thing about your home?
It keeps me warm and cozy!

13. FIFTY WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER The problem is all inside your head, she said to me The answer is easy if you take it logically I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free There must be fifty ways to leave your lover
What was the worst way you ever left a lover?
I’ve tossed a lover out, but I have never left one.

Artist next week:
Coming soon:
Holiday Rock ‘n Roll Songs

Makin’ Music

There was a band at that birthday party I told you about last week.  They came to the party to play for fun and food because they are friends with the birthday boy.  These guys are all in regular bands, but they have this lose, “volunteer” group who just gets together to jam every now and then.

I did a pretty poor job of taking pictures but it was a small room with 30 or so people packed inside — most of whom were jammed around the buffet table that actually jutted into the band.  The stuffed mushrooms and the steel Guitar player were only inches apart.  The bass guitar player and the macaroni salad were equally close.

I got great photos of the band members who weren’t behind the food.


I only know the drummer’s name. Jim plays his harmonica in the praise band at church. I should know the banjo player’s name, but it fell through a hole in my memory. I have been told he can play anything with strings. I have seen him with both the banjo and an acoustic guitar.  The guy playing the electric guitar didn’t make any of the photos, either.

I love the slide guitar.  Since I never got a decent shot of the one at the party, I give you instead a Youtube video — not mine. Sorry.

The regular drummer who usually jams with the group wasn’t able to attend the party so Jim put a drum set together as best he could. His ingenuity is amazing — and it sounded pretty darn good, too.


The first thing I noticed about Jim’s drum set was the screw driver. I’m not a drummer, but I don’t think that came standard issue …. When I posed that question, Jim pointed out a couple of other things I had missed.


His bass drum was actually a duct taped cardboard box. That blew me and half the other people in the room away.  We all kept shaking our heads, marveling and asking each other, “Did you notice the drum …?”


And here’s a close up of Jim playing the harmonica, sans hands, so he could play the drum as well.

A couple of the guitar players in the band are retired pros. The banjo player currently heads his own band and plays an assortment of instruments. Jim is wholly self-taught.  When I was marveling over the drum set, Jim asked me if I had a problem with the music.  I most certainly did not.  These musicians all come together with vastly differing talents and abilities, and equipment of various caliber, and made beautiful music.  If I were asked to name this band, I think I’d be tempted to call them American Ingenuity.