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#268 Sailboard Summer

| August 23, 2009

Thematic Photograph 63 — Summer hosted by Carmi Sailboarding at Diamond Head, 2009 Charlene L. Amsden, photographer There is a scenic overlook on Diamond Head road that provides gorgeous views. I like to drive by every other week or so and sit myself on the rock wall and soak it all in. The ocean is […]

#247 Surf’s Up

| July 26, 2009

Wind, surf and sea off Waikiki. Queen Kapiolani Park, Honolulu, HI. Waikiki — what vacationer doesn’t dream of surfing there?  On this particular day the waves were up, the wind was high and the sun was shining.  I sat on the seawall in Queen Kapiolani Park with my 200 mm lens and shot surfing scenes […]

#223 — Wipe Out

| June 19, 2009

. Wipe Out, 2009 High winds, high waves, high adventure — Waikiki had them all on this day! The sea spray almost drowns a small sailboat as a surfer takes a dive. This photo was taken from the seawall in Queen Kapi’olani Beach Park.

#222 Man v. Sea

| June 18, 2009

man vs sea, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

#221 — Hazy Days of Summer

| June 15, 2009

Hazy Days of Summer, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

#187 — Merman

| May 9, 2009

Merman, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

#118 — Sail Boarding

| January 10, 2009

Sail Boarding, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

#117 — The Waikiki Blues

| January 9, 2009

The Blues are just a little bit different in Waikiki than anywhere else in the world.