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#253 Gumweed


Gumweed on Cantilever Point, Friday Harbor, WA. San Juan Islands.

This tall yellow flower grows in abundance all over Western Washington.  As you can see, the Spittlebugs love them!  The “spit” you see here is actually a protective nest for the Spittlebug nymphs.  Spittlebugs mostly feed on grass but they will also eat some bushes and ornamental plants.  Gardeners have complained of them on their produce, too.  Feeding Spittlebugs often damage and deform the plants they feed on.  For instance, the blossom they have infested here will never bloom.

Charlene L. Amsden, photographer

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3 Responses to “#253 Gumweed”

  1. Lew says:

    Love your flowers! And yes, I did check out the Boss Hoss site. I have heard of their bikes, but had not seen one in person. Chris has been “wheels” kid since his first Hot Wheels car when has 2. At three he was pointing out every truck by size and color (“there’s a big blue one!”) on our trips on I-81. He now identifies trucks and cars (especially Mustangs) by make, model and year!

  2. Mar says:

    Amazing shot, love the perspective and the beautiful flowers!

  3. quilly says:

    Lew — you say that so often I am beginning to think you mean it! 😉

    Mar — thanks. I loved the rich yellow color and the spit bug foaming up the little bud!