Ella’s Gone Island

Less than three hours after I rescued her from the sweltering mailbox, Ella was wrapped in a sarong like any good Island Girl.  However, jet lag took it’s toll and she fell asleep almost before she finished the bushel of broccoli I gave her for dinner.

I was certain we wouldn’t see Ella again before breakfast, so I only dished up two bowls of ice cream, then I called OC to the table.  Ellie beat him to the chair.  I had no idea elephants could run that fast or jump that high!

Ellie reaching for OCs ice cream.

Ella reaching for OC's ice cream.

OC took the entire incident very well.  He likes Ella’s enthusiasm and zest for life — and food.

10 thoughts on “Ella’s Gone Island

  1. Ohhh Ella! You’re outfit is just DARLING! I love it! And it even goes with your sunglasses… I LOVE it! But Ella… you can’t take ALL OC’s food! Mind your manners girlfriend! If OC gets hungry it may become elephant vs. BEAR!!!

  2. HAHAHA… She looks ‘divine’ in that Hawaiian dress, and I bet it gives her lots of room for movement as she runs to the table and jumps up onto the chair. Good thing OC is easy going.

  3. An elephant with a love of ice cream. And I love the sarong. She looks great in that sarong. Just her colour too.

    Ellie – try and stick to your own ice cream or your hosts may get a little tetchy.
    Just sayin”…..

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