Ella’s Gone Island

Less than three hours after I rescued her from the sweltering mailbox, Ella was wrapped in a sarong like any good Island Girl.  However, jet lag took it’s toll and she fell asleep almost before she finished the bushel of broccoli I gave her for dinner.

I was certain we wouldn’t see Ella again before breakfast, so I only dished up two bowls of ice cream, then I called OC to the table.  Ellie beat him to the chair.  I had no idea elephants could run that fast or jump that high!

Ellie reaching for OCs ice cream.

Ella reaching for OC's ice cream.

OC took the entire incident very well.  He likes Ella’s enthusiasm and zest for life — and food.


Tomorrow we sign the lease on a lovely two bedroom house with a yard — in town!  We will live within 10 miles of our respective jobs.  The area is called Hawaii Kai.  It is an upscale address, but our house is quite small and modest.

But — even more exciting — I got home from work today to find that Ella arrived!  She got in about 4 o’clock this afternoon and, unfortunately, I did not get home until six-thirty!  The postal carrier put Ella in the big metal mailbox right out in the sun!  The poor girl was sweltering when I found her.

private correspondence

private correspondence

I brought her in the house, let her take a cold shower, and gave her a bite to eat.  She drank an entire gallon of the mint iced tea and then asked for more!  I willingly obliged.  She doesn’t seem to be suffering from heat stroke — which is an absolute miracle!

Ellie eats.

Ellie eats.

Ella is sitting in OC’s chair.  He doesn’t need the pillows, but she couldn’t reach the table without them.  She was quite disappointed at how early it gets dark  here.  Sundown tonight was at 6:18 p.m., so she had to take my word for it that she’ll be able to see the Pacific Ocean when the sun comes up tomorrow morning at 6:25 a.m.

Ella came to us via Insanity Prevails.  If you are an upstanding citizen and faithful blogger, she just might visit you, too.    But first you’ll have to convince Melli, you’ll take really good care of her little friend.