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Healthy is as Healthy Tastes

He complained about his weight gain.

She said:  “I need to look up some cooking-light type recipes online so we can start eating more healthy.”

He exclaimed, apparently appalled:  “Why would you want to do that?!”

She said, clearly baffled:  “Weren’t you just complaining about your weight?”

He said: “What does that have to do with eating healthy?”

She stared at him, wondering if he’d suddenly lost his mind.

He continued: “I mean, I thought our goal was to get into heaven, right?  So what’s with your planning meals for hell?”

She found no point on which to counter his logic and instead asked him if he’d rather have a salad or ice cream for dinner.

He had Mint-Chocolate Chip.  She had Moose Tracks.


  1. Moose Tracks®
    Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and famous Moose Tracks® Fudge.
    Calories 170 Total Fat 10 g Sodium 55 mg
    Fat Cal. 90 Choles. 25 mg Total Carb. 19 g

    I had to Google that!! ROFL!!!

    Jientje’s last blog post..Weekly Winners, Pure and Unspoiled

    1. Jientje — well, I buy the “light” version, so:
      ~Calories 140 ~Total Fat 3 g ~Sodium 60 mg
      ~Fat Cal 60 ~Choles. 10 mg ~Total Carb 18g

        1. Think again. Many adults put their foot in their mouths on a regular basis. You’ve even done it once or twice.

  2. Men ! serve him salad with meat, salad with fish, salad with turkey, salad with chicken that’s healthy !
    Thanks for the botanical lesson, lol ! I hope tonight I still know what kind of flowers I have on my pictures !

    Gattina’s last blog post..

  3. Good for you guys….I had some Blue Bell Southern Hospitality. Drop by my blog sometime today and pick up a little something I have for you.

    amberstar’s last blog post..Nobless Oblige

    1. LAdy — I don’t know many people who wouldn’t be pleased by ice cream for dinner. (I’m sure they exist, I just don’t know them.)

  4. Too funny, it reminds me of the joke (clean by the way) about an old fellow who dies and goes to Heaven early. Eventually his beloved wife joins him and says how she missed him for all these long years and now they will be reunited in God’s Heaven from Everlasting to Everlasting. To celebrate she cooks him up one of her Gastrornomical (oops can’t spell this one) Feasts. He looks at her and tells her this is why they were separated all these years because of her cooking. He told her if she cooked healthy he’d have had a lot more time on Earth with her.


    Pay Heed Amoeba

    Bill’s last blog post..It Felt As If Being In A Ghost Town

    1. Bill, I usually cook healthy. We have salads and fresh veggies on a regular basis. I try to cook more chicken than beef. I’d serve fish more often but even though we live on an island, it’s quite pricy.

  5. Now there’s my kinds of health food. Eating healthy…pfffft…irregardless of where you are tyring to get when the old ticker gives out 🙂 Happy Praleens and Cream (even if I can’t spell it right)

    Thom’s last blog post..Resimay

    1. So, when you came to my house for dinner you ate very little. Why? Were you fearing being poisoned, or was the food that bad?

      1. LOL…it was the first time we met. I was trying to be polite…Now that you know me,. almost like the back of your hand, I can be the pig I really am when it comes to food ROFLMAO

  6. Such a sweet conversation 🙂 My son prefers strawberry ice cream and it has to be a certain brand (Dean’s) or Schwan’s

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