Off to The Big City

I’m headed for the ferry and I will be spending today in Anacortes, WA.  Okay, so it’s not a big city, but it’s a heck of a lot bigger than our little town of Friday Harbor.  I’m going to start the morning with a doctor’s visit and then I will be doing some shopping.  Nothing major, Amoeba broke his belt and I need a new pair of sandals.

I’ll also be visiting a mainland grocery store.  The prices there are just a tad bit lower than here, and stocking up on staples is one of the ways we offset the cost of going off island — it’s about a $60.00 round trip.  Plus, I just stopped by and stocked up on coupons to help me save even more. My favorite coupons are the ones I download right to my Safeway Loyalty card. I can’t lose them or forget to give them to the checker, because they apply themselves when the checker scans my Safeway Club Card.

I also got a few manufacturer printable coupons that I can use at any store selling the products I want. I just printed them off on my own computer and tucked them into my wallet with my debit card so, hopefully, I won’t forget to use them! also has online grocery coupons. I’ve never used any of them since we live far too rural to ever get grocery delivery.

Just yesterday Amoeba commented on how little money I spend, yet we always seem to eat well and we’re not without our little luxuries. Being a smart shopper pays off at home and at the bank. Supermarket coupons help me be a smart shopper.

I’ll be taking my computer to town with me.  I will have quite a wait to and from the island as I wait for the ferry, so I’ll finally have time to get some blogging done!

Quilly Queen of Coupons

I know I am always talking to you about coupons, but if you use them they really can save you money. Of course, it doesn’t work if you buy things you’ll never use just because you have a coupon. You need coupons for the things you use.

That’s why I keep introducing you to so many coupon sites. They might not all fit your needs, but one of them will have the things you love. I really like because I can look for coupons by category (i.e. grocery) or by store (i.e. Papa Murphy’s). I love Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza, and Coupon Kim has a coupon for me.

Monday before I go grocery shopping I will log on to Coupon Kim’s and see if she has any grocery coupons for the things on my list. It pays me to take the few minutes to look and to print the coupons out, because I am going to buy the groceries anyway.

I also love Coupon Kim’s because of the free sample site. I love to order the sample sizes of lotions, toothpastes and hand creams. I keep them in my guest bathroom so when an overnight visitor wails that s/he has forgotten a hygiene product, they have their choice of replacements. has a fresh new look and is really easy to navigate. The website has large, clearly marked tabs and the coupons are listed in a line down the screen so you can see your choices at a glance. Plus there is a search bar. I typed in “ink cartridge” just for the heck of it and discovered an online special for the ink in Amoeba’s printer. Hooray!


Want to live big and spend little?  Then it’s time to grab some free coupons and save money!

I just found this great new coupon website —  I was was checking out the editor’s blog and discovered that select Kmarts are having double coupon days.  I also learned about the current Target specials, Wal-Mart sales, and a CVS freebie.  And, thanks to free, I know how to get a FREE Hershey’s Baking and Coupon calendar.

A few other things caught my eye as well.  Melli, check out the electronics and appliances post, then accidentally drag Dennis to the sale.  Nessa, you might want to check out the baby stuff! Tilden, Alice & Bill,  check out the pet care products.  And everybody check out the sweepstakes page and the free stuff page!

I’m adding this site to my feed reader.  I suggest you do the same.  Oh, I also joined their free coupon club.

Before Your Next Shopping Expedition …

Do you like saving money?  I sure do — even more so now that I am unemployed.  I am making all of my pennies count twice!

I just found US Coupons and they are going to help me save money big time!  They have coupons and coupon codes here for every need under the sun — from airfare to wedding planning and everything in between — including medical prescriptions and groceries!

Remember, to save money:

  • make a list of what you need
  • visit US Coupons and choose your coupons
  • go shopping knowing you’re going to get a great deal

Coca Cola, Diapers, book, dishes, movies, food, pet care, beauty aids, music, shoes, vacations, clothing, bedding, electronics, office supplies, software, toys, luggage ….

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