The Virus That Keeps on Giving

I am mostly well.  I think. I still have the hacking cough and the wheezing, I sound like a frog when I talk, fall asleep without warning, and I am visited by a horrid headache every afternoon, and now my lymph nodes have swollen!  I look like a hamster with a grapefruit in my cheek.  No, I will not share photos!

Amoeba, on the other hand, got sick, slept for 48 hours, and then went on with his life.  He still has a bit of a cough, but he doesn’t have frog throat, or any wheezing.  He did say he took an unplanned nap at work today and he had a bit of a headache this afternoon, but mostly he has returned to life as it was pre-virus.

I was going to demand equal treatment of the sexes, but it dawned on me that rather than my suddenly getting well, Amoeba would likely get sicker.  I guess that means I will stop whining and go back to my heat pad and my novel.

She Thinks She’ll Live

Unfortunately, He isn’t feeling well.

He took very good care of her.  He cooked for her, made her hot tea, and tucked her into bed. He even kissed and cuddled her.  She warned him against the kissing and cuddling, but He said he figured he’d already been exposed and it was too late to avoid it anyway.

She is still not well but her train of thought seems to be back on track, her attention span no longer leads to the black abyss of Huh?, and She actually has some enthusiasm for her housework.   This morning She’s managed to shower, do some ironing, fold a load of laundry, and get the bedding into the washing machine — all in two hours.  Not bad since She mostly spent the last two days asleep.

So, He has gone off to work.  He took some DayQuill (which She seems to be allergic to) and says He no longer feels like he’s dying.  Even so, he plans to come home for lunch and take the weekend off.  She highly approves!

Yesterday She spoke to someone at the local medical clinic who told her this bug lasts 7-10 days, depending on the victim’s host’s immune system.  She was also told that there are two strains of the virus and several unlucky people have suffered them consecutively!  She thinks this one is bad enough and has no wish to meet the other.

Violet Russell

She: “Someone’s at the door. Would you answer it?”

He: “I suppose, but I don’t know what good it will do. The door doesn’t talk back.”

She: “Neither should you! Who is the person behind the door?”

He: “Name’s Violet Russell. Vi for short. Says she has a package for you.”

She: “I’m not expecting any packages. And I don’t know anyone named Violet. Or Russell. She’s not related to this Carney friend of yours?”

He: “No. And he wasn’t my friend.

She: “Oh. Yeah. He’d gone to the dogs, hadn’t he? Well, tell her ‘thanks but no thanks.’

He: “OK, I wi … Hey! Where’d she go? She was right here a second ago.”

She: “Hmph. Guess we didn’t need her package anywa .. wa .. wa … WAAAA–CHOOO!!

He: “Gesundheit!”

She: “Too la’ ….”

*     *     *     *     *     

Let’s just say that Quilly’s less happy today than she was yesterday, and yesterday earned an ugh. This too shall pass, but meanwhile … Spare a thought for all those who’ve gotten visits from Ms. Russell this cold ‘n’ flu season.

Thank You For Your Concern

I did a bit of an archive search on my blog for health related posts. Your group concern over my frequent illnesses made me wonder if I was missing something.

The last time I was sick was January 30th. We figured out that it is my glasses causing the headaches and nausea. I can see that I suffered those headaches off and on since October so I was way slow picking that up. I have had an eye appointment and new glasses are on the way.

On February 10th I had my toenail pried off. That doesn’t really count as sick, although the meds I was given did upset my stomach, but that was a side-effect, not an illness.

The last time I was as sick as I am now was June. I don’t think that is excessive. I was sick much more often when I taught school (kids are germ factories) and in Hawaii where allergies took me out every other month or so!