A New Kind of Spam

I just got my first text spam from a horrible person named Kirsten who wanted me to buy her new album.  That text message just assured that I would not buy her album even if I wanted it.  When Kirsten sent me that message she stole from me.

I am allowed X number of text messages per month.  Kirsten just wasted one of them.  Since I can’t hunt Kirsten down and shove her phone where she’d have a heck of a time reaching the keys, how do I protect myself from unwanted text messages?

I am not amused.

I’m Confused

I just received an email informing me there there are naked photos of my wife being displayed freely on the internet. This is supposed to concern me. Somehow it doesn’t.

I have also received an email assuring me that if I increase my penis size it will improve my love life, my self-concept, and my career. I am somewhat skeptical of these claims. I would like them to send me documented proof that this has improved the lives and self-concepts of other women.

And I have been offered the chance of saving $60.00 per year if I sign up for a two year membership in an online “every man’s fantasy” porn club. Sixty dollars is a lot of money to save, but even so this offer really doesn’t tempt me.

Should I be concerned?

Epic Fail

Oceanic Time Warner Cable lost most of a state today.  Something major went wrong with their network, and most of Hawaii was without cable TV and internet.  I understand that Oahu wasn’t effected, but all of the other islands suffered the outage to some extent.

We were without net all day.  Ella and I were forced to go to the beach against our will.  We would have so much rather have stayed inside and blogged.  (You believe that, right?)

Blogging Without a Net

… can’t be done.  That’s why you are so late hearing from me.  The hotel net crashed this morning and it took Oceanic Time Warner a couple of hours to get it back online.  During that time Ella and I went out for breakfast (Amoeba is at work) and took some photos which I will share later.

In the meantime, as Ella and I were returning to the room and the elevator doors opened, a woman charged into the lobby and yelled to her mate as she quick-stepped past us, “Oh! I have to pee!  I can’t believe I let you talk me into coming to Hawaii.  You know when I smell the ocean I have to pee!  Where’s the bathroom?”

Luckily, she spied the bathroom just as she asked the last question.  Ella and I looked at each other as we stepped into the elevator.  We might be strange, but we’re not that strange!