Joy at Waimea Beach

Tuesday was a fun full day. Amoeba went snorkeling. Joy went snorkeling. I went tidepooling, and my cellphone learned to swim. Well, actually, my cell phone sunk and despite extensive CPR, it did not recover. However, everybody else had a good time!

We started out at Waimea Beach. We parked the car, and wandered down to the sea to see what we could see. We saw this:

Waimea Beach

Joy waded into the water, then found a stick and wrote love letters in the sand which she photgraphed with her cell phone and immediately sent home.


Then I asked her to stand up and smile for the camera. She did.

Joy at Waimea Beach

I can make about 6 more posts out of the day, so stay tuned for more.

Introducing Cedro Espino

All the time she was waiting to come to Hawaii, Jientje talked about how much she wanted to photograph Foster Garden.   Last Wednesday we arrived in the parking lot and immediately Jientje was charmed by the berries on a tree, a bird on a nearby branch, and Cedro Espino.

What truly amazes me about meeting Cedro is that I have been to Foster Garden many, many times and I have never explored off the path from my car to the front gate.  With Jientje that is all we did explore.  We never went inside the garden proper.  Long before we got to the entrance, Jientje was thirsty and tired.  I told her there was a drinking fountain and benches just inside, but she wanted Perrier and air conditioning, so we left and never did make it back.

Still, I have been to Foster Garden many times so I was not disappointed for myself.  In fact, I was quite content because if it wasn’t for Jientje’s whims and sudden changes of direction, I might never have noticed Cedro standing all alone at the edge of the parking lot.

Here he is.  Cedro looks quite charming, no? See him flirting with Jientje?

Cedro Espino

Actually, he is rather a prickly sort of fellow. It isn’t wise to get too close.


In fact, while talking with the grounds keeper, we learned that not even the most devout tree huggers fancy Cedro. I thought that very sad, but I must say I do understand why.

up close

Foster Botanical Gardens, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii Without A View

Karen at Kcinnova’s World asked us to share the views from the windows of our homes.   My home is on Oahu in Hawaii.  I can hear you all oooh-ing and sighing, but Hawaii or not, I live in a city — a flipping BIG city with over 900,000 people in it.  Plus, this is a small island so those people have nowhere else to go; plus, plus, the total population of this small island is right around 1.2 million people.

For the purposes of description, there are some things you need to know about island living — this island is neither round nor rectangular.  The volcano was not neat and linear when it laid out the land and set up the mountains.  There is no such thing as due North, due South, Due East or Due West on this (or most likely any other) island.  Here we use destinations as direction.  From my house Ewa (city) is west-ish and Koko Head is east-ish.  For North-ish we say mauka, which means toward the mountains, and for south-ish we say makai, which means toward the water.

So, the views from my windows — sure to disappoint:

Starting at the Koko Head-makai corner of our little square house we have the kitchen door (leads to the carport).
kitchen door

Facing Makai, the dining room windows:
dining room

Also facing makai, the front door (leads to the front yard):
front door

Still facing makai, the living room: ling room 1

Facing Ewa, the living room: living room 2

Now, kitty-corner from the kitchen door, the Ewa-makai door (off Amoeba’s office and into the back yard):
Ewa door

The mauka facing window above Amoeba’s desk:
office view

The mauka view from the spare bedroom where Jientje will be staying soon:
spare room

The mauka view from the mater bedroom:
M bedroom

The Koko Head view from the master bedroom (into the carport):
M bedroom 2

I told you our windows are boring! We have a 12 foot Mock Orange hedge surrounding most of our house. We also have neighbors all the way around.

You may notice that save for the dining room we have no curtains.  That was choice.  We have white walls and windows every few feet.  Our house is bright and airy and I often feel as though I am living outside, but with all the benefits of inside.   The views might not be great, but we really do like this little house.   Maybe someday I’ll show you the inside.