New Profile Pic

Yeah, that’s a new profile pic.  That’s my real hair color — dull brown, gray and white.  And those are my real wrinkles.  I’d like to pretend they were worse because I was squinting at the sun, but truthfully, I was trying very hard not to squint.

Back to my hair — other than the multicolored thing, it looks pretty darn good don’t you think?  Avon has a mousse and a hair spray that provide excellent hold, yet are still natural-looking and flexible.  Amoeba ran his fingers through my hair and said, “Well, I can tell there is product on it, but I am not sticking to you and you’re not crispy or anything.”  That’s very nice, but what I really like about these products, is that my hair looks as good on day two as it did on day one.

I’m So Dizzy, My Head is Spinnin’

Lots to do.  Not enough time to do it in.  Where do all the minutes go?

I was out on the deck checking to see how my container garden survived the downpour, and I was buzzed by a hummingbird.  He chittered at me.  I told him not to speak to me in that tone of voice.  He dived bombed my head.  I asked him if he knew where the food in that container came from, and he chittered at me some more.  Must be a teenager.

Avon stuffs — we have some great sales right now including free shipping on any orders over five dollars with the code SUMMERFS.  Did you know that Avon is the world’s #1 cosmetic company?  It has been on the cutting edge of the cosmetic industry for over 124 years.  Two of Avon’s unique scents have been nominated for awards by the parfum industry.  One is Reese Witherspoon’s, In Bloom, which I love.

House cleaning — going to have company soon.  And I had to arrange for lifters and toters so we can pick up the furniture we purchased.  We should have had it long ago, but one mishap after another keeps slowing us down. Hopefully, we’ll get it tomorrow.

Road construction: a mishap of some sort really freaked out the crew that dug up the road to work on the sewer pipe.  They supposedly finished the job a couple days ago, but they came careening back today at full speed.  Whatever went wrong, they closed the road at both ends and brought in lots of heavy equipment — which stranded me at the coffee shop for about 2 hours.  They parked large trucks all the way around my car.  I offered to move but they weren’t moving their rigs until whatever had excited them so was finally was under control.  There are worse places to be stranded then the coffee shop.

Class — tonight Becce and I are doing hands on training for our Summer Book Study Online. I best go get the dishes done and get ready to go.  I’ll be by to visit you all this evening!

What a Day!


This morning Amoeba over-slept.  This is a unique and rare thing, so I did not wake him.  Since he is to be my new boss on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I didn’t want him grouchy.

And, yes, you read that correctly.  I am training to be a lab tech.  This means I get to clean up after Amoeba at home and at work.  ♥  Seriously, this was partly my idea.  Since I am not working and since his science budget doesn’t have room to pay a tech, why can’t I do the job? I’ll be learning something new, and interacting with live people.  I think it will be fun.

Amoeba also has a teenage volunteer.  She is still in high school but already taking college classes and very intent on becoming a scientist.  Her volunteering for Amoeba is giving her practical experience and job skills.  Plus, it is helping her with her science studies.  Today we were both brushing up on our knowledge of the Periodic Table as we were trying to find assorted items in the stock room.

After leaving the labs I stopped at the church.  The Pastor’s wife, another lady and I are putting together a women’s book study for the summer.  We are making it an online class so people can fit it into their week as best they can. We haven’t got all the kinks worked out yet, but we are hoping to launch the first Sunday in June.  Near the end of May I will teach a “how to interact with a blog” class for the ladies who are wanting to join in, but are feeling a little intimidated.

After the meeting I returned home to find 5 boxes of Avon piled up on my porch and waiting for me!  Speaking of Avon, if you order online right now and use the code SPRINGFREE you will get free shipping on any order over $5.00.   We have some great sales going on right now, including Skin-So-Soft which not only smells great and softens your skin, the Original Bath Oil Spray (p.158) works as an insect repellent, too!

And, right now every purchase of lip gloss earns you an entry in the “Now Is The Time to Shine Sweepstakes.”  You could win a FREE CAR.  Avon is giving away a 2010 Red Chevy Malibu 4-door sedan.  If you buy one lip gloss you get one entry.  If you buy 4 lip glosses you get 4 entries.  If you buy more, you get more … and we’re talking Glazewear, America’s #1 selling lip gloss.  Never sticky!  Glazewear feels light and moisturizing.  And it comes in 16 fabulous colors.

LOL!  Do I sound like an Avon Lady?  I am!  And I love my products.  Right now there are 6 different e-brochures to shop from, including one full of Inspirational Treasures.   I am afraid shopping for Avon through my site is limited to the US States, Territories and military installations.

Magnetic Advertising

Okay, my business cards are working out big time!  My phone is ringing. How cool is that?

Now I think it is time to kick it up to the next notch and get Advertising Magnets. I can get my business cards printed with magnetic backs. That way people would always have my number and my Avon info on their fridge which I bet they never misplace.

I am also contemplating getting a couple of those magnetic car signs for my car door. Then I would always be advertising my Avon business. Not only that, all the mileage I put on my car with the signs attached is tax deductible!

I just took out a one week ad in the newspaper. It cost me just under $20.00. For a little over twice that much I could get the magnetic door signs. I could use them for weeks on end — months even — and only pay the one time fee. Plus, I’d get much better exposure.

Those door signs would also work well with another Avon selling strategy. At our last monthly meeting Cynthia told me I should always carry bagged Avon books and a window hook in my car, then when I park I hang a few Avon books out and interested passersby can grab one. That car sign might lead people in the parking lot to approach the car and see the books.

Or I could create a shape magnet. I think a magnet shaped like a bottle of nail polish (only bigger, of course) with my Avon contact info on it might be catchy. And all of these strategies combined (implemented one at a time, of course) will slowly help me grow my business.

Out & About With Avon

Ding Dong.  Avon calling.

I have been zipping all over the island passing out my new Avon books and meeting neat, new people.  If you are curious and would like to check out the current Avon Books, please click on my link.  Avon has some great stuff, including kitchen implements, clothing, shoes, jewelry as well as America’s best selling brand of cosmetics.

I am carrying a sophisticated new leather purse from Avon.  I got half-a-dozen compliments on it today.  Now, I am off to Bible Study.  I’ll be around to visit you all this evening!