Project Green: The Camera Walk


Project Green began with Anna of Anna Carson’s Photography.

Since my students went squirrelly on me and all they do is cry and temper tantrum, I am very happy I found all these photo blogs. I don’t know what this place might have become without them. Not only am I getting something to post, I am taking Photo Walks and getting a bit more exercise!

Of course this one, I took right here in our own home:

We don’t know who this pretty is going to be. She had no labels and no blossoms. What she did have was a fabulously cheap price, so we brought her home and placed her beside the orchid we already had.

I also took this next shot in our own home. This little beauty lives on our postage stamp lanai.

Her tag said “Cherry Tomatoes”. If it is to be trusted, these will definitely be generously sized “cherries”. I’ll keep you, ah, posted on their development.

And here is our dining room — the only decorated room in the condo. You can tell my priorities!

Please note the orchids, the air fern in the sea shell, and the overall elegance of this table. It is amazing what one can do with very little if one is willing to shop bargain-bins and close-out sales. This green scene didn’t take a lot of dead green presidents to put together, and I think I am more proud of it than I would have been if it had.

I spotted this site at the end of my walk — right near the the foot of the staircase leading to our condo.

And this shot is just because I loved the way the sun and shadow dressed this fella up. He is an ancient Volkswagen Beetle in need of repair. That seat you see inside is actually crooked. All the seats are jumbled up inside the belly of this little beast. He was once a racer and has chromed duel exhausts protruding from his trunk. If we ever have “Project Rust” I’ll get a shot for you!

Speaking of which — here is my own project announcement. Commencing May 1st and running 26 days, I will be doing Alphabet Photos. Day one is A. Day two is B. Day three is C. Etc. (Just what did you expect from a Pre-K teacher?!) I would love it if you would join me! Please, please say you will!

Christmas Time

My favorite Christmas present this year was time, and that has not always been the case.

For the past ten years I spent my Christmases in Las Vegas. Generally the day found me either house hopping from the home of one friend to another, or eating with my niece and taking in a movie. More often then not I opted for free time alone in peace and quiet, surfing the web or reading, rather than busyness to remind me I was filling empty space.

This year I stayed quietly at home. I surfed the web a bit. I read a bit. It was pretty much the same as years past — except — that this year my silence was companionable, and more often then not as we sat and read or searched the web, my left hand was nestled in OC’s right hand, and that made all the difference in the world.

Rooms with a View … Or Two

Morgan wanted to know how close we are to the beach. Well ….

If you step on to the lanai and look right, you can see the sea.

Of course, you don’t have to look right (west). You could just look straight ahead (South).

Or you could look left, into the mango trees. No mangos just now. Sorry.

If the mango tree doesn’t thrill you, shift your view a bit and gaze at the Rainbow Shower Tree.

Or look down.

And for the flower lovers a close up of the blossom on the bush down there.

Then, once you’re bored with the lanai views, you can step out onto the porch and look to the North.

Our neighbors, above and to the right.

The ridge behind us. That bit of eave at the bottom left of the photo is the northeast corner of our guest room.

The place where the car would have been parked had it been home when I took the photo.

An last but not least, the offspring of one of our many colorful neighbors …

Junior Peacock, playing on the laundry cabana roof.

Our Home

Welcome.  You’ve made it up the stairs to the third floor.

Knock …

Please, come in.

The chintz covered couch?  It was here when we arrived.  I find it is much more comfy for sitting then the floor, though I do agree the floor is prettier.

May I offer you some iced tea?

Would you like a brownie with that?  How about a tour of the rest of the place?

As you can see, it’s laundry day.  All four of my suitable outfits are either in the hamper or on me.  I hope my boxes arrive soon!   What do you want to bet that my blankets — which I don’t need — will arrive before my clothing?

Thank you, our apartment is lovely.  We certainly like it.

I am so glad you stopped by.  Please come again.

Defenestraphobia – Fear of Windows

My friend, aged 60+, decided to buy a computer. She had been fearfully using them at work and knew she could do a much better job if she gained more expertise. The day her computer arrived via UPS she called me on the telephone. “It has too many parts. How do I hook it together?”

“Everything is color coded,” I told her, but still she asked me to come and help. I went.

After hooking her computer together and making certain her programs were in operating order, I left her to play, search, and discover. I reminded her that I was as close as her phone should she need anything, then I returned home.

Forty-five minutes later my phone rang. I answered. My friend’s voice came across the line — urgent. Seriously stressed. “When will they be here? How long do I have?”

“When will who what?” I felt like I’d walked into the middle of some suspense theater episode. “Slow down and explain.”

She answered, her voice high and tense, “I don’t know what I did. I tried to open Word and a warning came up on my computer. It said I operated something illegally and my computer was shutting down! When will they be here?”

I did not laugh. Instead I asked — very dryly — ” When will who be there? The computer police?”

Several seconds of silence were followed by her rueful query, “I’m over-reacting, huh?”

Then I laughed.

I told OC the above story over breakfast this morning. He responded very formally, “Really, her reaction was perfectly understandable given the unfortunate use of the word illegal.”

I smiled. “You did the same thing, didn’t you?”

He shrugged sheepishly, “Well, pretty close — but I didn’t call anybody.”

I laughed.

“Besides,” he defended, “Windows should be illegal!”