Ailing & Ale-ing.

He is home sick and feeling icky and aching. He said, “I am sick.”

She said, “Yes, I know. How can I help you?”

He said, “I would like some Ginger Ale.”

She said, “Okay, but why would you want to make Ginger ail?”

He said, “Because misery loves company.”

She said, “Well then, if Missouri loves company, Alaska to come visit with you.”

He said, “That’s okay. All I want is Ginger Ale.”

Punny Ailments

My voice is gone. I sound like Mickey Mouse on helium. The kids absolutely ignored me today. Heh, my co-workers ignored me today, too — but that’s nothing new.

Then there’s O’Ceallaigh.  He thinks he’s funny, he does.  I mentioned that the horseradish on my roast beef sandwich provided me with a few moments of easy breathing.  He said he would have been surprised to hear that I’d been eating horseradish if he hadn’t already discovered that I’m a little hoarse …. ba da boom.

Say What?!

O’Ceallaigh says that it is good that my nose is stuffy.  He says that means that I am getting better.  Silly me, I thought better involved the stopping of the snotting and running!  You see why I keep him around?  If it weren’t for his wisdom I might think I was still sick.

He says I’m not sick, and my smart-mouth proves it.

I have no idea what he’s talking about.


Please join us on our trip.