Follow the Leader

I had an appointment this morning with the island’s former Avon Lady.  She not only placed a nice order, she directed me to one of her former, very loyal customers — who placed an order and directed me to one of her friends, who directed me to one of her friends, who directed me to one of her friends.

Not only that, but when I got home today I had a phone message asking me to call someone else who had picked up a book at the fair.  She placed an order, too!  In the last two days I have gained 5 new (ordering) customers and 6 potential customers, plus I’ve doubled my highest order to date.  Now I just need a plan to keep this momentum going.  Anyone have any ideas?

Tomorrow I am taking a book to a clerk at the grocery store and I’m giving her an extra to leave in the break room.  I’m also going to stop by the local clinic and put a couple of Avon books in their magazine piles.  I’m thinking I might do the same at the dentist’s office. Another friend said she’d put a couple on the benches in the ladies locker room at the gym. I already leave books in both the coffee shops and the laundromats.  What am I missing?

Heroic Save!

This is an official “thank you” note to Michael Braxton, manager of the Kona Radio Shack.  I went into Radio Shack to buy another charger for my camera.  I already have two chargers because this isn’t the first time I left home without it.  I mentioned that fact to Michael.  That’s when he told me that for a nominal fee (about one-fifth the cost of the battery charger), he would be happy to charge my battery for me.

I told him I loved him.  I meant it, too.  He helped me save a nice chunk of my vacation money.  I don’t know what I’ll spend it on, but I am pretty certain it won’t be something I already have two of!

Stray Puppy Ads

I am being stalked by ads.  They follow me around the internet.  I thought it was my imagination, but now I know better.  I have been marked for retargeting.  There is a good chance you’ve been marked, too.

Do you keep seeing the same ad crop up over and over no matter where you go?  Does it show you something you had actually looked at and paused to consider on another website?  Do you ever stop and wonder, given the way internet ads rotate so quickly, why you keep seeing the same one?  There’s a reason.  You are a  remarketing target.

Don’t panic, it isn’t painful or malicious, but you might want to rein in your impulse buying tendencies.  Those ads are following you because you have already showed an interest in them.  Like stray puppies, they want to be picked up and taken home.  When you visit a website you are given an electronic cookie that works like a doggy biscuit.  Some electronic cookies are designed by retargeting companies so that whenever you visit a webpage that has their content on it, you will see the happily wagging tail of  whatever ad they’re promoting that corresponds to the most current doggie cookie in your browser.

Really, it is a pretty ingenious selling method.  The consumer is repeatedly exposed to products, services and merchandise of personal interest, and the advertisers are assured that interested peoples are seeing their ads.  Now next time you see that ad at three sites in a row, you’ll know why it’s following you.  And, if you’ve got something you want to sell, you know what kind of internet ad to purchase.

Hind Sight

You know, now that the couch has attacked me (see two previous posts), I can see clearly that I should have been prepared for this. With a little forethought I would have had an accident coverage policy. I mean, I’m pretty sure that suing a piece of furniture isn’t going to get me much in the way of compensation — especially since the furniture belongs to us.

Luckily, I do have funeral coverage through my 401k. It is a minuscule amount and won’t make my heir’s rich, which is just fine with me. If there’s any celebrating when I die, I want it to be for the glory of God, not mammon.

When I was working for the Vegas school district, I also carried insurance on my paycheck. Guardian Income Insurance can provide the family wage earner with a feeling of security during uncertain times. When I was in my car accident in 2003, my policy kicked in and covered 6 weeks of my wages. My bills got paid and all I had to concentrate on was my physical therapy and the piles of endless paperwork for the other driver’s insurance company.

So, even though you’ll probably never be assaulted by a couch, this world isn’t always a safe place.  Insurance can help take care of your and your loved ones in the event of an accident.  If you aren’t already covered, give it some thought.

Personal Injury Claim

Since the couch attacked me (see previous post), I was wondering if I could file a personal injury claim.  I found Accident Consultant [dot] Com and got really excited.  If they accept my case and I win, I get 100% of the compensation owed me.  If they accept my case and I lose, I don’t have to pay them a dime!  I was all ready to fill out the Personal Injury Claim form and then I realized — this is only for those lucky people who live in the UK.