Health, Nutrition & Shin Splints

I didn’t eat very well at the chuch thematic potluck today.  I took very small samples of food, and I didn’t have seconds, but you should have seen the load on my plate for firsts, and that doesn’t count the homemade Pecan Sandie I started the meal with, or the bowl of soup I had for dessert.  I am not going to feel guilty though.  I will just return to eating healthy tomorrow when I am not at a Mexican food smorgasboard.

I have been doing a lot of diet research lately.  Yesterday I read about The Kind Diet, which some of you may know better as the Alicia Silverstone diet.  I have incorporated a lot more whole grains and veggies into our diet, but I don’t think I am ready to go 100% vegan yet. I am very definitely a carnivore.

A few days after we arrived here in Friday Harbor, I began walking a mile a day.  I was doing reasonable well with it.  Then I took three days off — the day I went to Seattle to get Amoeba, the day after because my thighs were incredibly sore so I just took a short walk to warm up and I stretched. Then Thom arrived and I didn’t formally exercise on that day, either, but I did get some walking in (just not deliberate aeobic walking).  So Saturday I decided I had to get back to the routine — but I very quickly developed shin splints.  I had to stop at half-a mile because I could not stand the pain.

Does anybody know what’s up with that?  My sister, Caryl, wondered if I was walking on my toes. I don’t think I was, but I can’t swear to it.  Funny thing is, but Amoeba and I are suffering Charley horses as well.  What is causing this?

Lifestyle Refurbishment

I am not certain how many of my readers are aware that a certain diet book I reviewed recently really impacted the way I think about losing weight. Many of you might recall my 30 pound weight loss several years ago. Well, I have gained most of it back.

Losing weight is a lot harder than putting weight on, especially when one considers we pack it on while enjoying food and friends and laughter and good-times, but we try to take the weight off grimly and seriously all on our own. There has to be a better way.

Sure there are dozens of weight loss programs one can try. Seems like a new one hits the market everyday. But what really works?

I don’t think it is a specific exercise program, or exercise product, or menu plan that makes the difference. When people jump up and yell, “I’ve found the secret to weight loss!” what they mean is they have found what works for them. Will it work for you? Maybe. Maybe not.

Before you can lose weight the first thing you have to change is your mindset. If you expect to fail, you will. In fact, if you think at all in terms of long range success or failure, there is a very good chance you will fail. Most long range plans rely on perfection. We can’t do perfection, so we fail.

Give yourself permission to have set backs and make mistakes, but don’t give yourself permission to quit. Set daily goals and set them based on what you know the day will bring. If you know you are going out to your favorite restaurant, then make your goal relate. “I will ask for a go box and take half the food off my plate before I eat.” That is a fabulous restaurant goal! Or, vow to forgo a cocktail (empty calories untold!) and/or dessert.

You don’t have to suffer to take the weight off, you just have to persevere.

New Year’s Resolutions

I am not making any New Year’s Resolutions. They almost always fail. The optimism and enthusiasm of facing a new calendar year tends to make us all forget that we are the same people with the same failings we have always had. A resolution won’t change that — only action will.

We can sign up for gyms, start the latest fad diet, drink nectar protein, eat energy bars, and read every self-help book published.  None of it will make any difference if we don’t work to change our thought patterns.  I am hoping that working to improve my self concept will help me improve my waist-line — and a couple of other personality quirks.

Here’s to making changes rather than resolutions in 2010!

A Weight Loss Journey

It’s not whats on the outside that matters,
It’s how healthy you are on the inside.

Come meet The Healthy Bitch. Don’t ask me why she has chosen that name for herself. She seems to be a perfectly nice lady.  She has invited us to join her as she documents her weight loss.  She’s been at it a little over two months and she’s lost 17+ pounds (official count 9 days ago).  She shares recipes, health tips and research articles on the foods we eat.

Give her a visit.  I’ve already copied a couple of her recipes.  She offers tips for a vegan diet, a vegetarian diet, and juice fasting.  If I were to try this I would have to wean myself off meat, but I already eat pretty much organic.  We don’t care for steroids, additives or pesticides in our food.

The Healthy Bitch also shares her meal menus and her healthy diet and exercise weight plan. This is her live weight loss record, not a commercial product site.   Check her out.

Healthy is as Healthy Tastes

He complained about his weight gain.

She said:  “I need to look up some cooking-light type recipes online so we can start eating more healthy.”

He exclaimed, apparently appalled:  “Why would you want to do that?!”

She said, clearly baffled:  “Weren’t you just complaining about your weight?”

He said: “What does that have to do with eating healthy?”

She stared at him, wondering if he’d suddenly lost his mind.

He continued: “I mean, I thought our goal was to get into heaven, right?  So what’s with your planning meals for hell?”

She found no point on which to counter his logic and instead asked him if he’d rather have a salad or ice cream for dinner.

He had Mint-Chocolate Chip.  She had Moose Tracks.