The Beauty of Hawaii

What do you see in life? Every week, Gypsy Lala invites us to share the beauty in our lives.

Orchid Sunshine

I do not know the name of this orchid. I call it Sunshine. It is a bright and dazzling beauty, isn’t it? I chose to share it as an example of the exotic beauty of Hawaii. Flowers love these islands, and these islands love flowers.


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Chocolate Lilies

As I was walking through Foster’s Botanical Gardens, I kept getting whiffs of warm chocolate — the delicate, expensive, buttery kind.  I figured it was coming from one of the shops across the street, especially since I caught the scent much more consistently as I approached the Vineyard Boulevard boundary of the garden.

Tree Lilies

Tree Lilies

Then I saw the most incredible flowering bush and approached it for a closer look — and smell. This is the source of that rich, though subtle, buttery, warm-chocolate scent! Tree Lilies, Portlandia dominensis, a slow growing, flowering bush native to Cuba and Jamaica.

All the trumpets point downward, so I did what any self-respecting photographer would do — I laid down on the ground and took a picture!  It was approaching noon, the sun was straight over head and shining very brightly through the foliage.  I couldn’t get a clear sharp image focus that didn’t wash out the edges of the petal, so I decided instead to go for this soft focus shot — and I love it.

Tree Lily

Tree Lilies

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t wiggle a bit further under the bush for a more shaded shot, I had already stretched out on freshly watered, still wet lawn. Any further under the tree and I would be in  mud.   I guess, that means I am more dedicated to my car’s interior than I am to my photography.  Alas.

Waikiki Is Going to The Birds

All I can say about Friday, our first day in Waikiki, is that it was totally for the birds!  There we were, walking down Kalakaua Avenue on our way to lunch and we came across these:

Waikiki parakeets

Two Parakeets in Waikiki

Their wings are clipped. They couldn’t fly so someone had to put them in that bush, which was in a planter, which sat in the middle of a busy Waikiki Sidewalk in front of a row of busy Waikiki Shops.

Parakeet finger


Amoeba said he doubted they’d stay there very long. The reason he said that was because no one emerged from the shops to watch or question us when Amoeba reached down and picked up one of the birds for a better photo op.


We continued our stroll and a couple of blocks later we encountered this lady:

parrott lady

A woman on Kalakaua Street in Waikiki. She has a Macaw on her shoulder and a Eclectus Parrot on her wrist.

She made Amoeba very happy. Can you tell?

Amoeba & parrots

Amoeba & Feathered Friends.

The blue bird is a Macaw. The white bird is a Cockatoo. The green bird is an Eclectus Parrot.

Me & parrots

My Feathered Friends & I.

I also held the pretty birds.

Us & parrots

Amoeba & I with 3 Feathered Friends

And we held the pretty birds together and the nice Bird Lady took our photo — and my $10.00 bill. 😉