April 5th — A Poem A Day

The Autograph Tree

We carved our names upon this tree
The day that we were wed.
The tree still lives and thrives and grows,
But your love for me is dead.

How many other names are here,
A testament to pain?
How many other wounded hearts
Afraid to love again?

Every day young lovers come
Their pledges here they sign,
Let’s hope their hearts are truer, dear,
Than your heart was for mine.


Poetic Asides, Day 5
Prompt: write about a monument

A.D.D. & Me Alive & Well in Wackiki

I have never been diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder, but ….

Today I drove my car to the Waikiki Shopping Plaza — as usual. I parked on the roof — as usual. I walked to the elevators and punched the down button — as usual. The freight elevator arrived first and I stepped into it – -this was only semi-usual. About 50% of the time I ride the other elevator. Still, upon stepping into the elevator I pushed the ground floor button — as usual.

The elevator stopped on the next floor. I held the doors open (hand over the edge) as a mail carrier and a cart full of packages boarded the elevator.  The doors closed and the elevator took us down to the next floor, where it stopped again.   I held the door while a lady in a wheel-chair boarded.

We all rode the elevator to the ground floor.   The doors opened — this, too is usual. I held the door while the lady maneuvered her wheelchair out.  I held the door while the mail carrier wheeled his cart full of packages out.  I held the door while a mother with an empty stroller and a walking toddler came in.  Then, just as the doors slid shut and the car started to rise, it occurred to me that something very unusual had happened, and  someone hadn’t exited the elevator on the ground floor.


I punched the button for the second floor, got off, and rode the escalator back down. Perhaps I have a heretofore latent desire to be an elevator operator?   Next floor Lost & Found. If there’s an attention span on the shelf, it probably belongs to me.

Diamond Head

Ella said I worked her too hard yesterday and she just wanted to kick back and relax.  She walked me to the door and quite happily waved good-bye as I drove away.  I figured she’d be back in bed before I cleared the block.

I figured wrong.  Imagine my surprise when Ella showed up at the office.  She’d caught the beach bus and came to Waikiki.  I asked her why she hadn’t ridden in with me, and she said she didn’t want to ride on the highway, she’d wanted the scenic tour.  Then she added that she shouldn’t have bothered, because the bus driver made her sit down and she couldn’t see out the window anyway.

So, instead of taking the highway home, I drove the beach road.  I didn’t let Ella stand up and look out the window either, but I did stop at the scenic look out on Diamond Head.

Ella Above Diamond Head Beach

Ella Above Diamond Head Beach

Ella said she didn’t care to climb down the bank to the shore.  I think she was just being polite since I was in my work clothes and dressed for an overly air conditioned office, not a bright, sunny beach.  Still, I know she enjoyed herself.  She certainly had an interesting view.

Ella At Diamond Head

Ella At Diamond Head

Yep.  That’s a dog on a boogie board.  He was looking for his next wave.


Public Announcement

More details in next post.

Fishing Lesson

Fishing Ala Wai

Fishing Ala Wai

This photo captures a little bit of the everything that makes up Oahu, Hawaii.  The traffic — too much of it.  Sky scrapers and cement buildings big and tall.  Green, green vegetation and expanses of blue water.

This is ocean water, even though the photo is of the Ala Wai Canal.  I spoke to the couple fishing.  The young man is teaching his wife to fish here in Ala Wai, where the water is calm and there is no surf to distract her.  Fish caught in Ala Wai cannot be eaten because of water pollution.

If you biggie the photo, you will see that the sign has been graffitied.  Honolulu has the same problems all big cities face — gangs, crime, inadequate public transport, inadequate parking, over-priced housing, homeless ….  Paradise is only paradise on the surface.  After all, it is still here on earth.  The peace and beauty is an illusion hard to maintain for any real length of time.