iPhone Addicts: Get The App That Pays You to Use It!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

ChopsYep.  You read that headline right.  WeReward is an iPhone App that pays you for doing what you’re already doing — how sweet is that?   Say you want a coffee, just check your iPhone to see which of your local coffee shops is offering check-in rewards, then go get your coffee at that shop and you’ll actually earn cash back on the sale.  Here, check out this video.  It explains things much more clearly than I can.

This is so cool I wish I had an iPhone! Just think, I could put it to work earning money through WeReward.com and it would help pay for itself. That’s what I call a sweet deal.

First you need to visit WeReward, Download the App and link it to your favorite social media app like Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare. Once you’re linked, you’re ready to start earning points. Most of the check-ins are worth five points (equal to five cents) but I’ve seen tasks worth up to ten times that much — and the tasks are fun! They’re kind of like treasure hunts with real treasure.

So, why are you just sitting there?  Start downloading all ready, then the next time you go to the video store or your favorite pizza place you can earn cash back. WeReward is a brand new app.  You can be the first one to introduce it to your friends.

Visit my sponsor: WeReward for iPhone

A Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Bloggie,
Happy Birthday to you!

This blog was born on June 1st, 2006. Today it is officially 4 years old. This is my 2,141st post. At this writing I have 40,131 approved comments and Akismet (WordPress’s wonderful spam filter) has protected my site from 59,974 spam comments that were never published.

I want each and every one of my readers to know that every success I have enjoyed here is because of you.  My comment section is often much more lively and fun then my original post.  All of you make blogging a joy.  Thank you.

Need Help?

Hire a helper!

  • Need help moving?  Hire a helper!
  • Need help with your spring cleaning? Hire a Helper!
  • Need help with your yard work? Hire a Helper!
  • Need a handyman? Hire a Helper!

If you’ve got a day job that needs done and no one to do it, check out HireAHelper.com.  Sure, you could call that ad in the paper, but HireAHelper.com provides customer reviews and the paper doesn’t.   HireAHelper.com also offers licensed contractors.  Military personal, be certain to identify yourselves when calling HireAHelper.com.  You are eligible for military discounts.

Whether you’re moving from Kalamazoo or Timbuktu, checkout HireAHelper to see if they can meet your labor needs at a lower rate than that National moving company. Chances are they can.  Just plug in your zip code to find out what local movers cost in your own home town.

  • Houston Movers are available for $93.50 for the first two hours.
  • New York movers cost 140.92 for the first two hours.
  • Seattle movers cost 103.78 for the first two hours.

HireAHelper can also put you in touch with a local cleaning service.  You need all your exterior windows washed and aren’t up to climbing the ladders?  Need your gutters cleaned, your lawn thatched, the steps mended on your back porch?  HireAHelper can put you in touch with someone that has the skills you need.

I wish I had known about HireAHelper those 6 weeks I sat in Vegas with my foot elevated in wrapped in frozen peas.  I could have used some housekeeping and laundry help.  I could have used some grocery shopping help, too.  I lived on take-out and believe me it was getting tiresome by the time I could finally put weight on my foot.

Summer Wedding, Here I come!

This is a guest post by Yolanda Reynolds.

My cousin is getting married this summer. It’s a very casual wedding at a local park. I’m sure it will be warm and uncomfortable. I looked though my closet and realized that all my sundresses are too casual. I wasn’t terribly excited over the thoughts of shopping for a new dress and shoes.

I don’t really enjoy the hustle and bustle of mall shopping. Sifting through rack after rack of dresses with my mother wrinkling her nose at every choice isn’t my idea of a fun afternoon. I prefer shopping using wild blue online while relaxing on my comfortable couch with my dog. Being a common size and shape, I don’t have much trouble buying online. Besides, if there is a problem with the fit or the dress doesn’t have that “wow” factor, I can just repackage it and return it. It’s almost too easy!

I visited every website imaginable looking for the right dress. I settled on a really cute Rachel Roy dress from Macy’s. The colors in the dress coordinate with the wedding theme and colors. I was very lucky to have found it! It has spaghetti straps, a blosoun bodice, and hits right above the knee. For shoes, I chose a simple and lightweight pair of Bandolino sandals. They are a sparkly silver with sexy stiletto heels. I almost feel guilty about looking so good for the wedding! Almost!

The buying process was really straightforward and fast – thanks to my satellite internet service. Today I am thankful for two things: internet shopping and my fast service! I’m a happy, happy girl!

Summer Book Study

I am a team member leading an online Summer Book Study on finding your God-given vocation. If you’ve ever thought God had something special in store for you, but you didn’t know how to find out what, or have any clue how to get started, start with us! For more information, visit Christian Women’s Network, SJI — and men, you’re invited, too. Just because CWNSJI is letting us use their website, doesn’t mean we’re excluding you fellas.