My Life With Computers

I love computers.  I have much to thank the world of computing for. If it weren’t for computers I wouldn’t know all of you. Without computers I wouldn’t know Amoeba, and he is the love of my life.

Without computers I would also have a lot less stress. Right now I have one sitting in the dining room, my big Dell desktop, that will soon be on its way to the computer doctor. It has developed a wheeze and refuses to acknowledge the monitor unless I run in safe mode — which pretty much means none of my programs or graphics will work anyway. Pft.

We have managed to get Amoeba’s old Mac laptop computer fixed, and one of the wonderful IT guys out at the labs even saved all the photos — in a medium that only corresponds to Macs and won’t speak to my PCs. sigh That means I have to access what I want and processes it on the Mac, then transfer it online or email it to myself so I can get it to the computer that houses my preferred software programs ….

So, once again I would like to thank my dear friend Thom for the gift of this little Acer Netbook. It is the machine that is getting all of my blogging, working and playing done. Yesterday it helped me make my posters for the upcoming church Bible Study and this afternoon it will begin cranking out the church newsletter. In a few minutes — just after I retrieve my cottager cheese and gravy from the microwave — it will play a game of Four Winds (Chinese Rummy) with me.

Newbie Needs Help

I was just talking to a young lady who is in the market for her first car. She was feeling pretty frustrated. She said her parents have made it clear that financially she is on her own. They are paying for her college education, keeping a roof over her head, clothes on her back, and feeding her. If rides from mom and dad are no longer sufficient, she needs to provide her own alternative.

I actually applaud the parents on that stand. They are providing the necessities. Acquiring her own luxuries should be up to the daughter, however, the parents also aren’t providing her with any guidance.

While I do agree that experience is the best teacher, for optimal educational results it is always best to have a facilitator. That’s why I directed the girl to take her potential car purchase to the mechanic her dad trusts and ask him to check it out before she buys it. I also turned her on to a great place to compare, contrast, and purchase auto insurance coverage.

The end result of this is that the young lady decided she needed to save a bit more money in order to by a better quality car. She was also quite startled to discover how high insurance costs are for brand new drivers — even college honor students. She thinks she’ll be getting a summer job and walking to work everyday so that by the time the weather turns cold she’ll be able to afford a car and insurance coverage.

Purchasing Groceries On the Internet

This is a guest post by Candy Taylor:

When I lived in Seattle, I loved to shop for my groceries at Shopping online saved me time and money. My hughes net satellite internet was a huge reason for why I loved to shop on the internet, with it being faster than the other internet services I had. I did almost all of my shopping on the web as we were so busy and frankly didn’t enjoy shopping in big crowds. would send me coupons weekly and I almost never paid shipping for them to deliver my food. The website didn’t charge tax either, so each week would save me the seven or eight percent in tax I would spend at the store. I didn’t have to spend gas or time to travel to the store, so it was the best and most economical way for our family to get groceries.

The selection at was so good that I could purchase exactly what I did when I shopped at the walk-in store. I was also able to leave notes by each item that I purchased and check a box if I wanted a substitute or not if it wasn’t in stock. There were sometimes that I would have to run to a store and get an item or two that they didn’t deliver because they were out of stock, but a few minutes is better than a few hours of time shopping.

Now that I live in a smaller area I miss shopping for groceries online and can’t wait to get back to a bigger city where that is possible. It amazed me how many people didn’t know that they could have groceries delivered to them. I think the idea is great not only does it help the environment but it also gives families more time to spend doing the things they enjoy.

What a Day!


This morning Amoeba over-slept.  This is a unique and rare thing, so I did not wake him.  Since he is to be my new boss on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I didn’t want him grouchy.

And, yes, you read that correctly.  I am training to be a lab tech.  This means I get to clean up after Amoeba at home and at work.  ♥  Seriously, this was partly my idea.  Since I am not working and since his science budget doesn’t have room to pay a tech, why can’t I do the job? I’ll be learning something new, and interacting with live people.  I think it will be fun.

Amoeba also has a teenage volunteer.  She is still in high school but already taking college classes and very intent on becoming a scientist.  Her volunteering for Amoeba is giving her practical experience and job skills.  Plus, it is helping her with her science studies.  Today we were both brushing up on our knowledge of the Periodic Table as we were trying to find assorted items in the stock room.

After leaving the labs I stopped at the church.  The Pastor’s wife, another lady and I are putting together a women’s book study for the summer.  We are making it an online class so people can fit it into their week as best they can. We haven’t got all the kinks worked out yet, but we are hoping to launch the first Sunday in June.  Near the end of May I will teach a “how to interact with a blog” class for the ladies who are wanting to join in, but are feeling a little intimidated.

After the meeting I returned home to find 5 boxes of Avon piled up on my porch and waiting for me!  Speaking of Avon, if you order online right now and use the code SPRINGFREE you will get free shipping on any order over $5.00.   We have some great sales going on right now, including Skin-So-Soft which not only smells great and softens your skin, the Original Bath Oil Spray (p.158) works as an insect repellent, too!

And, right now every purchase of lip gloss earns you an entry in the “Now Is The Time to Shine Sweepstakes.”  You could win a FREE CAR.  Avon is giving away a 2010 Red Chevy Malibu 4-door sedan.  If you buy one lip gloss you get one entry.  If you buy 4 lip glosses you get 4 entries.  If you buy more, you get more … and we’re talking Glazewear, America’s #1 selling lip gloss.  Never sticky!  Glazewear feels light and moisturizing.  And it comes in 16 fabulous colors.

LOL!  Do I sound like an Avon Lady?  I am!  And I love my products.  Right now there are 6 different e-brochures to shop from, including one full of Inspirational Treasures.   I am afraid shopping for Avon through my site is limited to the US States, Territories and military installations.

In Search of An ISP

I love the internet.  I know most of you because of the internet, and without it we never would have met.  We flit around through cyberspace visiting hither and yon without a thought given to to technology that gets us where we’re going — until it doesn’t work.

By now we’ve learned that all internet providers are not created equal. Not only do they offer different products, from dial-up (yep, it’s still out there and some folks, like out own dear Susan, are still using it) to satellite hook up, they offer vastly different prices and customer support.

For me, customer support is a biggie. If I want help, I want it now! Amoeba and I chose an ISP provider that is available online and via telephone 24/7/365 to answer questions and talk us down from the ledge when things go wrong. (It is technology, sooner or later things always go wrong.)

If you are currently engaged in a love-hate relationship with your ISP provider and think it might be time to move on, check out the Internet Providers Directory for provider reviews on standard and high speed dial up, broadband internet, internet security and VOiP services. You can easily compare and contrast products and services, which will help you choose a provider that can meet your technical needs.