H is For Hands, Honu & Hibiscus

How any of you expected to see at least two of the three things listed in the title?

This bright red hibiscus is popular all over the island.

The day we went to Sea Life Park all the kids got to touch Gizmo,
the baby green sea turtle. Gizmo is nine months old.
Soon he will be placed in the huge aquarium that simulates life in the ocean.
At 24 months old, after he’s gained some size and some foraging experience,
he will be released into the wild.
Since green sea turtles are on the Endangered Species List,
Gizmo will remain at Sea Life Park until he’s out grown most of his predators.

Hibiscus come in many colors.
Each different color or petal shape is the result of a different cultivar.
The Hawaii State Flower is a yellow Hibiscus with slightly ruffled petal edges.
The flower’s native name is, pua aloalo.

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E is for Exit

This is an island with too many people and we all have cars — too many cars. Parking space is a premium commodity. This gate locks a church parking lot in Waikiki. It opens only for church vehicles, including the shuttle vans that bring people in. At the far left of the gate you can see a walk-in entrance. It is standing ajar to welcome visitors. The church parking lot is a tiny little postage stamp. Much of their parking is now occupied by a Burger King.

The night before I shot the photo above, O’Ceallaigh and I were walking down the Waikiki Beach hand-in-hand. I had my eye out for the green roof of the church because I wanted a photo. When I saw it I cracked up laughing and shot this:

I’ll take the Lord’s Prayer with a Coca Cola and a side of fries. Would you super-size that please? And don’t forget the ketchup!

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D is for Dragon … ahem … Lion

Dandy Lion

Defender Lion

This dragon lion guards the entrance to the Manoa Chinese Cemetery here on Oahu.

In 1852, a Chinese immigrant named Lum Ching hiked Manoa valley with a friend. Finally they arrived at Akaka Peak, where the view expanded to the sea. Lum Ching, an astronomer and geologist, placed this compass on a level surface and to his surprise, it pointed directly south. After completing several astrological computations, Ching exclaimed to his friend, “We are at an extraordinary spot. It is the pulse of the watchful dragon of the valley.” Slowly, over the course of several years, at Ching’s urging the land was purchased parcel-by-parcel from it’s original owners. Today that land is Manoa Chinese Cemetery, a beautiful and peaceful cemetery with a view to die for.

Apparently D is for Lion.
If you read the comments you will find that Karen has corrected me.
She shouldn’t have had to because I suspected my info was wrong.
At any rate, I am leaving this Dandy Defender Lion up.

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